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Can a person experience an acute rage behavior brought on by a food allergy?

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2008-04-21 21:10:25
2008-04-21 21:10:25

== == * Absolutely! One bad one is sugar -- believe it or not. Many children are often treated for hyperactivity, when all that is needed is a cut-back on their sugar intake. Too much sugar in some people can cause depression, moodiness, irritability and such, depending on that person's personality rages.

There are many other reasons for rage. Some medications can even cause this. An example is an SSRI for depression (although there is usually a warning with this medication). Many times medications are overlooked as the cause of rage, irritability or depression. Please check with your doctor if you are on any medications. In some cases, an aspirin swallowed by a person who is allergic to it can cause him to go into a rage. But this rage is short-lived and only lasts until the aspirin leaves his system.

Obviously, this topic is of concern to you, so please cut back on pop, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate, and try cutting down on too many sweets. If on medication, please check with your doctor. == == * Absolutely! My family is sensitive/allergic to monosodium glutamate (MSG), and aspartame. All of us. Since we learned to avoid MSG by knowing the names it hides under (natural flavoring, yeast extract, broth, spices, carmel coloring, texturized vegetable protein, modified starch, isolated protein, whey, citric acid, boullion, vinegar, molasses, glutamate, sodium phosphate) and to refuse aspartame, we never have rage or uncontrolled anger. I am not exaggerating. We get comments on how mellow and tolerant we are as a family. And we eat plenty of sugar and drink loads of caffeine. I found the info through Dr. R. Blaylock and his book on excitotoxins. Also helpful was the list of hidden sources of MSG from It means lots of label-reading but you WILL see a difference. Be careful of the yeast-based vitamins too.

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