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The short answer is; NO.

None of the components of a computer are capable of giving you cancer. Any standard off-the-shelf computer is tested and must pass FCC regulations etc.

There was the case of a software bug in the Therac-25. This was a machine designed to give radiotherapy to cancer patients. It had a problem with it's software which accidentally fatally over-dosed patients.


To "get cancer" your computer would need to emit some sort of radiation. To do that, it would need some 'component' or hardware to do that. If it does not, then there is no problem.

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How can computer solve a problem in a second?

Computers are programmed with all the answers before they are sold so that when you ask the question, the computer can give you it's programmed answer "in a second".

Why did the first computer have so many cords?

if you are talking about ENIAC, that is how it was programmed.

What similarities does a computer virus have to a biological virus?

A computer virus 'infects' a computer in much the same way as a biological virus infects a person. It's usually programmed to duplicate itself (in the same way a biological virus divides and multiplies) - thus filling the computer's hard drive with masses of useless information, so the legitimate programs have no space to work. It's also programmed to 'jump' from one computer to another (just as one person can catch a virus from another)

Why is computer better than human's?

Computers are not better than humans. The computer had to be built and programmed to even do what it does. However, computers can hold great amount of data, which makes it more smarter than a average user. Let me example; A person codes the computer about everything to do with maths. Another person will code the computer to do everything about english, so on and so on. When some average user (like myself) comes along and users the computer, I wont know all about maths, english and so on, therefore the computer will be smarter than me.

What will happen when a computer issues a command?

It depends on what the command it programmed to do. So in other words, many things can happen.

Do you get cancer if you use so much computer?

Nelson nelson

How do you take the rev ender off of a 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

Do you mean the rev limiter? If so, it is programmed into the computer. You will need to reprogram the computer with an aftermarket tool.

How mitosis affect cancer?

Cancer cells have a much higher rate of mitosis than regular cells, also they do not undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death), so their numbers continue to increase.

How do mitosis affect cancer?

Cancer cells have a much higher rate of mitosis than regular cells, also they do not undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death), so their numbers continue to increase.

Can the computer do anything?

Computer can do whatever we can programmed them to do so if anything people don't know how to program, computers cannot do that as well because computers don't do anything by themselves.

What is the life expectancy for a person with cancer?

The life expectancy of a person with cancer varies tremendously, depending upon the type of cancer, the type of treatment being received, how early or late the cancer was detected and how far it has spread, the general health and age of the cancer patient, and so forth. So, a person with cancer could die the same day, or could live for decades into the future.

How do you bypass the governor on a 1994 Chevy Corsica 3100sfi?

It is programmed in the computer. You can get chips to overide it but is isn't safe to do so. hypertech is great

How do you play chess with the computer?

well its just like playing someone else. once you make a move they will make their own programmed move. and just saying it is almost impossible to beat a computer at chess, they are programmed to know so many moves, that it is almost impossible to beat them, even on an easy mode!

The difference between programmed and nonprogrammed decisions?

I believe so. A programmed decision can be defined as being 'routine', therefore surely a non-programmed decision can become programmed if its occurence is consistent.

Is it true that if a dog sits on a person a lot they have cancer?

I have heard that a dog can detect the odor of cancer so it can be possible that that is why the dog is sitting on that person so much, it can also be that they feel safe when they are close to you.

Can cancer spread from one person to another?

Cancer is not contagious, so it won't spread from one person to another. However, some cancers, like cervical, liver, and throat cancer, can be caused by viruses that are spread from one person to another.

How old can you get lung cancer at?

The youngest person to be diagnosed with lung cancer so far is 18. This does not mean someone can not get lung cancer at a younger age.

Why computer understand 0 and 1?

The computers are programmed to understand only the digits 0 and 1. So it becomes easier for the users around the world to understand and use the computer without getting confused.

How long can a person live with colon lung and skin cancer without surgery or chemotherapy?

so youve got cancer huh?

Is cleverbot a real person?

No. It is completely a robot, but people tell it "You are a computer", so it says to you "You are a computer."

Why isn't cancer contagious?

It is like transplant and rejection. The cancer cells deffer for each person, so if a cancer cell enters another body it will be killed by its immune system

Was the computer invented by one person or a group?

yes the first computer was invented only by Charles Babbage so it's one person.

Can a 82 corvette blank computer chip be purchased and Programmed?

uummmm.....i dont think so....but i have herd of companys that make custom chips for your car...and i may be mistakin but i didnt know an 82 vette had a computer...i thought the c4's were the first to be computer controlled

Why is Bill Gates so rich?

Bill Gates is wealthy because he programmed Microsoft and all it's versions. LONG STORY SHORT CUZ HE CREATED THE FRIGGIN COMPUTER!

How long does a person use the computer daily?

It depends. Someone HAS TO BE using a computer at this moment. So daily