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All major financial transactions including the purchase of sale of a home must be approved by the bankruptcy trustee before any action is taken.

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Q: Can a person in chapter 13 bankruptcy purchase a home while still in bankruptcy?
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If you are in bankruptcy can you still purchase a new or used car?

If it is chapter 7 and has not been discharged then, no. If it is a chapter 13 then the bankruptcy filer would need the permissin of the trustee to make any major financial transactions.

Is a person still bondable after claiming Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, a person is still bondable. They just have to be able to pay their bond or have a clear background check to be bondable.

Can you sell a car while chapter 13 is still active?

If by "you" you mean the debtor who is in a Chapter 13, yes. If the car is subject to a purchase-money loan, it can get complicated, so you should talk to your bankruptcy lawyer.

Can you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy after a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Missouri?

Bankruptcy is a federal procedure (a few states may have state bankruptcy laws), so the law is the same in every state, except for local forms and procedures). You can still file a "Chapter 20" (7+13).

If judgment goes to bankruptcy will it be removed?

If a judgment goes in the bankruptcy, it can be removed. The person who the judgment was for, has the right to request that it still be paid. In most Chapter 7 situations, the judge will decide in favor of the debtor.

Can a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge court order judgments?

yes but you still need to talk to a Bankruptcy attorney

Can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and still keep your house?

yes, just keep your house exempt from the bankruptcy

If you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and have no assets will it still affect you later?

Yes, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The exact details are irrelevant, it will remain on your credit report and prevent you from refiling for the same length of time either way.

Is there anyway to purchase a new home while still in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

When participating in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, all major financial transactions must be approved by the bankruptcy trustee. One of the factors the trustee will take into consideration is if the transaction is necessary. For instance the purchase of a vehicle for transportation to a place of employment would probably be allowed. The purchasing of a home might not qualify as a neccessity unless it was an issue of health/safety.

Can you file chapter 13 and still go to college?

Yes. Discrimination against a person for having filed for bankruptcy is prohibited especially for student loan applications.

How much can you earn and still file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

ask a layer or banker

If you file a chapter seven can you still get a passport?

You cannot be denied a passport for filing bankruptcy.

Can a person file for ch 7 bankruptcy even though he is still in ch 13 bankruptcy?

Yes and no. No you cannot file for two types of bankruptcy at the SAME time. But yes you can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy if you were unable to complete chapter 13, which is very common. This can be done once for any reason, without court approval. However, to switch back, approval of the bankruptcy court is required, and they will rarely allow a debtor to make multiple switches. Note that in switching from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, much of the debtor's property is now up for grabs to be sold off to pay his or her debts. However, if the debtor cannot make the payments under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, switching to Chapter 7 may be his or her only option.

How is the Landlord affected when a tenant files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

They should still pay rent.

Can you keep your car that you are still paying on if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy in NM?

Generally yes.

If you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and have the first meeting with the treasurer can you still add a creditor to the bankruptcy?

You should have no problems filing an amendment to add the creditor.

What is a charged off loan when connected to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A charge-off is a tax-related matter and has nothing to do with bankruptcy. The debt is still owed.

Can you buy a home after filing bankruptcy if a mortgage was included in the bankruptcy?

Yes, but if you are still under a chapter 13 bk, you would need the court's permission. In any case, whether you would be able to get financing to purchase a home after filing bk- that is a whole other issue.

How soon after filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can you file another?

if your still in chapter 7 you have to get out first but you can file again check the laws in you state on chapter 7. laws has chang.

Can you have student loans and still file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, but the student loans don't get cancelled: you still have to pay those.

Your personal bankruptcy was filed in 2000 can your name be added to a CD account?

If your bankruptcy was "discharged" in 2000, then yes. Discharged means it is done! If you are still in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, still paying the trustee--then no. If the trustee finds out about the CD, it will cause lot of problems.

What is difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13?

Chapter 7 is debt elimination and is the more severe form of bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is where a repayment schedule is drawn up and you still payoff your debts.

If you are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy can you still get a dissolutionment or a divorce from your husband?

Yes, they are two separate legal issues.

If I file chapter 13 I am I still obligated to pay my landlord rent?

Sure! Rent is not a bankruptcy issue.

Can you file both a chapter 7 and a chapter 13?

Believe it or not, the ploy is called a Chapter 20! A so-called "Chapter 20" bankruptcy is the process filing of a "Chapter 7" bankruptcy to discharge unsecured debts, followed by a "Chapter 13" bankruptcy to allow the debtor to catch up on mortgage payments. The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act attempts to limit "Chapter 20" bankruptcies by imposing limits on the filing of successive bankruptcies. Under current bankrupcy law a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be filed only once every two years, and three years must pass after the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy before a Chapter 13 filing. Some debtors attempt to circumvent this restriction by filing for Chapter 13 protection while the Chapter 7 petition is still pending. That option is not available in all courts. In a "Chapter 20" bankruptcy, debtors should be aware that missing even one mortgage payment after filing the initial "Chapter 7" petition may cost them their ability to save their home in a subsequent "Chapter 13" filing.