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== == DI is meant to support you financially when you can't work. Insurance companies do not wish to pay you the benefit if you can still do your job. So the answer is no. There may be some loopholes with very good coverage such as an Own Occ policy where if you were a Dr and could not do your job, you would collect DI but maybe still be able to flip burgers at the same time. Also, there are some benefits that allow you to work PT and still collect part of your DI.

2009-03-17 20:54:23
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What is the function of disability insurance?

Disability Insurance pays when you get injured working. It's used to pay bills like the electric, and the mortgage.

Is it hard to get disability insurance if your disability isn't serious?

This depends on what you mean by not "serious". A disability is a disability. Check the disability laws for the state you reside in to find out what the requirements are in order for one to collect disability insurance. If your disability prevents you from working or performing normally, then it is still serious.

Can you receive more than 60 percent of you monthly income under disability insurance?

That's about the limit. They don't want you making more $$$ injured than working. Also, disability payments generally are not taxable.

Can an illegal alien be eligible to receive disability benefits?

A person that is illegally living and working in the United States should not be able to receive Disability benefits.Insurance Companies will require citizenship information when someone applies for a disability insurance policy. You must either be a US citizen or have some type of visa that indicates your intent of relocating and establishing your life in the US. Therefore, a person living in the US and working illegally can not receive benefits from an individual or group plan.Social Security disability benefits are partially impacted by the number of years a person has been working and how much has been paid toward Social security disability throughout his/her working years. If the person is illegally working in the US, the chances are they do not have a Social Security number and are not contributing or even registered with the US Social Security Administration.

Can you receive disability benefits if you are 62?

The question is: are you currently working and looking for disability insurance, or are you disabled and looking to apply for benefits? - If you are working and NOT disabled, looking for disability insurance benefits, an experienced agent can help you find an insurance carrier to offer DI at age 62. There are only a couple of companies that offer DI at age 62, majority will stop offering at age 59 or 60. - If you are currently disabled, you can apply for Social Security benefits in your state. Good luck!

If someone has nystagmus can they receive disability?

If the Nystagmus condition this person has is severe enough, then yes they can qualify for Disability benefits. However it is not the simple fact of having Nystagmus that will enable them to receive Disability benefits.Disability insurance companies and Social Security disability do not look at the specific condition a claimant has, but more so the effect this condition has on the person's ability to work. Disability insurance will only pay benefits when a person is prevented from working due to an illness or injury.Therefore, if the Nystagmus prevents a person from being able to work, then depending on the Disability insurance policy they have, there is a good chance they can qualify for benefits. If the Nystagmus causes does not prevent the person from being able to work, then they will not be eligible for benefits.

If you receive Disability Income from a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy can creditors garnish the monthly income from this policy?

The answer to your question is yes. If creditors can garnish your wages if you were working, then they can garnish the income you receive from your disability provider as well. The same procedures they would have to go through to garnish your wages from your employer, they would go through the disability company (filing court documents). Unfortunately, creditors consider any income you receive, working or not, as income.

Can you collect disability insurance for an ulcer?

This depends on the type of Disability insurance you have and also how bad the ulcer is. Normally, individual and group Disability insurance requires that you be unable to perform the material duties of your current occupation, in order to qualify and receive any benefits. If the ulcer is preventing you from working in your job, then there is a chance you may qualify for benefits. If it does not affect your ability to work, then you should not expect to receive benefits. If you are counting on Social Security Disability, you should not expect to be paid disability benefits. Social Security is significantly more difficult to qualify for. You must essentially be unable to do any form of work, in order to be considered disabled and eligible for benefits.

What can your wife earn when you are on Social Security Disability?

If you are on SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) through the Social Security Administration, your wife's income isn't a factor in the cash benefits you receive. This form of disability isn't means-tested; it's based on how much money you paid into the system during your working years.

Can a dentist on permanent disibility own practices and make income from them?

This will have a LOT to do with the definition of total disability your policy provides you. If you purchased a True Own Occupation Disability policy, then Yes you can work as a practice owner and still receive 100% of your Disability benefits. The primary requirement is that you continue to be unable to perform the material and substantial duties of a Dentist. If the policy you purchased has a Modified Own Occupation definition of disability that working as a practice owner and earning an income will have a negative effect on the benefits you receive from your Long Term Disability insurance.

Do you need disability insurance if you are covered by workman's comp?

Workers compensation only applies if you are injured while at work performing your regular duties. You apply for it through the state. Disability insurance is generally sold by insurance companies, except for state disability insurance which only applies to long term situations, and it covers income lost when you are not able to work due to an injury, illness, or other disabilities that prevent you from working. What disability insurance pays or covers depends upon what is included or excluded in the policy. You employer pays for workers comp. You pay for disability insurance. Workers comp is limited by law, how much disability pays all depends on the type of coverage you buy.

Can you work and still collect veterans disability benefits?

Yes, you can. However, if you receive a high rating -- 100 percent, for example -- you could encounter issues by working because you are considered "unemployable." This means if your level of disability is rated at 100 percent and yet you are working, your ability to work is information the VA may use to lower your benefit rating. Veterans who continue to work generally are not eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. A VA-accredited claims agent such as Allsup can help you coordinate multiple disability benefits.

Of Mice and Men how did candy get 250?

He lost his hand while working on the ranch and the owner paid him what is now, disability insurance.

What kind of benefits should I be getting with having an office cleaning job?

If you are contracting with the office that you clean you may not receive any benefits. However, if you are an employee or are working a full forty hour week, you will most likely be offer health insurance along with some sort of short term disability insurance.

How do you apply for disability under Social Security?

Go to your local social security office and apply for supplemental social security or social security disability insurance (you must have paid into this program by working)

Can you collect disability insurance while recovering from surgery if you have been working for 35 years but are currently unemployed?

That would depend if you live in a state that provides disability insurance. The type of disability insurance would also depend on the seriousness of the surgery, i.e. is it short-term, work injury related (workers comp); longer term, permanent (SSDI); private insurance (depends on the insurance policy). The Related Link below is an excellent source for information on the above.

Where did candy get 250 dollars in Of Mice and Men?

He lost his hand while working on the ranch and the owner paid him what is now, disability insurance

Will moving to another state affect your disability benefits?

Your individual disability insurance policy is portable and benefits will not be affected by moving to a different state. If you have disability insurance through your employer, and move in a new state while working for the same employer, benefits will not be changed. However, if you leave your employer, you may lose the disability insurance benefits through a group DI policy. If you are currently disabled and are receiving disability benefits from the state, you will have to check with the new state regulations on social security DI; If you are receiving benefits through a personal/ individual insurance policy from an insurance company, then benefits are not going to be affected by the state of residence.

Can you work and still receive short term disability?

Unless your state was very liberal, to qualify for disability ,of any length, you have to establish your inability to work, and you are still working so it stands to reason you could not collect.

Can you receive disability benefits from employer and a private DI policy?

We have a personal Disability Insureanc Policy for my husband. He is currently working on commission and is about to undergo knee replacement surgery. Can he get benefits from both his employer and our personal policy?

Can you collect a disability check and hide it from new employer?

It's difficult to tell what you're really asking in this question.Scenario 1If you're currently receiving disability benefits and working without violating a private insurance policy's rules or government regulations, then you're not required to reveal your disability status and there is no real way for the employer to access your medical records.If you apply for health insurance benefits through this employer, you would probably have to reveal pre-existing conditions to the insurance carrier. This information should not have to include your disability status.Scenario 2If you want to file a disability claim against a private insurance policy purchased through your new employer, there's no way you can hide it because the insurance company will need to verify certain qualifying information with the Human Resources department. You will also be bound by the contract you signed with the insurance company, which may include a provision against working and drawing disability at the same time.Scenario 3If you receive a monthly Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check, and you engage in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) by earning more than $1,000 per month ($1,640, if blind), and you are terminated from disability, your employer may find out if the government garnishes your paycheck for overpayment of benefits.

can my wife receive alimony if i was not working when we were together?

Your wife can sue for alimony based upon her desire for supplemental income. However, if you were not working and she brought in all income, the suit will not win. If you cannot work and have disability income, then you need to contact an attorney so that your disability income is not garnished.

Can a person put in for a workmans comp claim if they are still continuing to work?

Yes. There are different types of workers compensation benefits available, and it might be necessary to file a claim to receive them. The employer (or its insurance company) must pay all medical bills related to a work-related injury. In addition, a person might be working reduced hours because of an injury, and might be entitled to receive temporary partial disability (TPD) payments. Finally, a person who is still working might still be entitled to a permanent injury rating based on some permanent impairment once their injury is done healing.

Difference between temporary and permanent working capital?

difference between temporary and permanent working capital needs

Can you get short term disability in new jersey for anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression are illnesses that can impair you from working and earning an income. You can get disability insurance policies that incluse anxiety and depression. Some disability insurance policies will limit the mental/nervous benefits to two years. It is wise to check your policy schedule pages to understand when your policy will pay and for how long, if you ever become disabled and impaired to work.