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Q: Can a person use the Illinois Link EBT card at McDonald's?
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Can you buy gas with an Illinois link card?

No, the Illinois Link Card is only for food.

What states can you use Illinois link card?


Does county market in Charleston Illinois accept the link card?

does the county market in Springfield Illinois except the link card

How do apply for the link card in Illinois?


Does mariano's fresh market accept Illinois link card?

Mariono's Fresh Market has location in many areas of Illinois. They do accept the Illinois Link Card as a form of payment.

Can you buy alcohol with Illinois link card?

Absolutely not.

Does aldi accept Illinois link card?


Can you use your Illinois cash link card in California?

Yes. The link card can be used in all 52 states.

Can an Illinois link card be used for phone service?


Do target stores in Chicago accept Illinois link card?


Does meijer food store take Illinois link card?


Can you buy beer on ILLINOIS link card?

people say no but i think u can

What Illinois stores that accept the link card?

Jewel, any or Kroger (e.g. Food4Less), as well as Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's accept the Link card.

How much do braces cost with medical cards?

In Illinois the majority of orthodontic treatment (braces) are covered by medical card. Check out the Medical Card approved braces providers in Illinois in the related link.

What credit cards does McDonald's accept?

McDonalds accepts the following -McDonalds gift card -Credit Card -Cash -City card -Pay Pass -American Express - Eco card

If you live in Little Rock Arkansas but have a valid FOID card in Illinois can you use the Illinois card in Arkansas?

If a person lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and has a valid FOID (Firearms Operational Identification) in Illinois, the FOID card cannot be used to hunt in Arkansas. A person will have to get a new FOID for the state of Arkansas to use it in Arkansas.

What credit card starts with 5457?


What does active means on the Illinois link card but have not receive any link on it?

i dont know ive been trying to figure that out as well for myself but there are no other topics on it:(

Do mcdonalds charge to swipe your debit card?

no they don't

Can Illinois link card be used in Texas?

Yes... Now Link or Food stamp cards are accepted anywhere that accepts local cards. Walmart accepts food stamps cards no matter what state they are from. As long as the location takes food stamps they will accept Illinois Link.

How do you reload money on a McDonalds Arch gift card?


What Missouri stores accept Illinois link card?

grocery stores, discount food stores, any store that sells food items

Can you use your Macy's card at Dillars?

Of course not silly! That would be like using your Burger King card at McDonalds!

How much is a McDonalds all star race team card set?


In Illinois is your wife responsible for your credit card debt if the card is in your name only?