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It depends on what state your in and the bonding company.


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Q: Can a person who has a felony be bonded?
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Is a person bondable after being convicted with an assault charge?

Yes, a person is still bondable after being charged with an assault. A person is only unable to get bonded if charged with a felony.

If you have a felony conviction can you be bonded?

the felony is 20 yrs ago and related to a motor accident.

If you are bonded because you sell insurance and you are convicted of perjury and receive a felony will you lose your bonded license?

A felony makes most bonding agents quite uncomfortable. It will be difficult to get or keep a bond after being convicted of a felony.

What disqualifies you from being bonded?

Being convicted of a felony.

Can a person with a felony be bonded in tx?

"Bonds" issued to persons who's employment requires them to be "bonded," are issued by private insurance companies and it is impossible to know what the requirements of these individual private insurors may be.

Can a person in Florida with a felony charge be bonded?

Bonds for "bonded employees" are issued by private insurance companies that specialize in this type of work. It is entirely up to THEM as to whether they will ocnsider an ex-felon for bonding or not.

Can a person with a felony be bonded in Alabama?

Doubtful. But you can appply. Bonds are issued by bonding agencies/insurance companies and their own regulations would be the ones you'd have to satisfy.

Can a person with a felony get a liquor license?

Can a person with a felony get a liquor license

Can you be bonded with a felony on your record?

Yes, but it will be less likely with a prior felony conviction. Especially if its a crime that suggests you would be a flight risk or pose a danger to your community.

Can a person with a felony become a bartender?

depends on what the felony is conspiracy

Can a person be bonded if filed bankruptcy?

yes they can, a person is bonded for life, it is a trust, bankruptcy is a financial circumstance that has nothing to do with trust.

Is it a felony to attack a person over 65?

It is a felony in most cases to attack any person regardless of what age.

Can a person with a felony be bonded in California?

Sorry to tell you that it is pretty doubtful. 'Bonding' is not a governmental function, they are issued by private insurance companies. They examine the background and history of the individuals that the employer wishes to bond and decide if thery are a good risk. Unfortunately someone with a felony record would probably not qualify.

Can a person run for congress if they have a felony record?

Can a person run for congress if they have been convicted of a felony offense? And, can a Congressman continue to serve if he/she is convicted of a felony offense? Michael

Can you get bonded with a felony conviction that is 30 years old?

There is absolutely NO way to know the answer to this question. It is entirely in the hands of the judge.

What state allows a person with a felony to practice nursing?

If you have a felony you cannot be a nurse.

How many years can felony get a person?

The depends entirely upon the type of felony.

Can a person convicted of class IV felony in Nebraska get bonded?

"Bonding" is done by private insurance companies. The only way to find this out is to contact whatever insurance companies offer "bonding services" in your state and ask.

Will your section-8 be denied if you were to marry a person with a felony?

Will my section-8 be denied or rejected if i were to marry a person with a felony?

After 20 year felony can you own a firearm in florida?

If a person has a felony you cannot own a gun. It does not matter how long you have had the felony.

Can my husband convicted felon get insured and bonded so he can start his own business?

Insured yes. Bonded, well, that may be a problem with a felony on his record. FYI: Insurance is better than bonding anyway.

Can the police search your house without a warrant if you are bonded out from a felony charge?

You need to examine your release agreement and local law.

Can a person convicted of a felony in ct be bonded?

I think that it all depends on the state, and what the statutes are. In the state of Minnesota, if you have had prior felony convictions, you can have bail set at the arraingment hearing. If you mean, convicted of a felony and then asking for bail or bond to be set, I also belive that it depends on the crime, flee possibilities before actual sentencing and what you are actually looking at as far as time to be served in either Jail or Prison.

Can a person with a felony get clemency?


Can you enter the Bahamas with a felony conviction?

Can a person visit the bahamas with a felony on thier record