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A person infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can show no symptoms. AIDS is the disease characterized by the symptoms.

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2013-01-10 19:33:55
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Q: Can a person who is infected with AIDS show no symptoms?
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How soon do symptoms of the common cold appear?

Within one to three days the infected person begins to show cold symptoms.

Why is it rare for a person without AIDS to show symptoms of Kaposi's sarcoma or thrush?

Its rare for a man to have a vagina

Is it true that sexual intercourse causes AIDS?

AIDS is a "sexually transmitted disease" (STD). That means it can be passed from person to person during sex if one of them has the disease. If neither of them has AIDS, sex won't cause it. Of course, a person can have AIDS without knowing it. It can take some time after infection before any symptoms show up. And even before symptoms show up, an infected person can pass the disease along. So if you are sexually active, it's a good idea to get yourself tested at a free clinic or doctor's office. It's an even better idea to always practice safe sex!

Can hookworms penetrate intact skin?

Yes, hookworms are able to penetrate intact skin and that is actually the main way for a person to become infected. Hookworms usually infect a person who has been walking barefoot in contaminated soil. Most people who are infected show no symptoms and do not even know that they have the parasite. If a person does show adverse symptoms, and it is due to hookworm, there is medicine to treat the infected person.

Are there hiv carriers?

A carrier is someone infected who does not show symptoms. Many people infected with HIV doesn't know it, and do not have symptoms.

What symptoms do animals show who are carrying Campylobacter bacteria?

Infected animals often have no symptoms.

Can you have aids negative or positive?

Not exactly. "HIV positive" means that someone's test for HIV antibodies came back positive, i.e. that the antibodies are present and that the person has at least been exposed to, and is almost certainly infected with, the virus. AIDS, however, is a syndrome, or condition. There isn't a specific test for it, so the terms "positive" and "negative" have no real meaning. AIDS means that not only is the person infected, but the infection has progressed to the point that they are showing symptoms. You can be "HIV positive" (the test showed antibodies) or "HIV negative" (the test did not show antibodies), but not "AIDS positive" or "AIDS negative". Everyone with AIDS is (or should be, since HIV is the virus that causes AIDS) "HIV positive", but it's possible to be "HIV positive" for a considerable length of time before eventually developing AIDS.

Can a person be contaigous with H1N1 before any symptoms appear?

Absolutely YES! A person can be infected and shedding the virus about 24 hours before they show ANY symtoms. And keep in mind some people can be infected and not ever show symtoms. Good hygine and vaccination is the best bet!

Can you have AIDS symptoms 6 months afetr infection?

AIDS or HIV is a latent disease. It can show up years after contracting the disease.

How many males show sypmtoms five weeks after chlamydia infection?

50% of men infected show symptoms of chlamydia.

What stage is when a person is exposed to a disease by doesn't show symptoms?

During the incubation period a person is exposed to a disease may not show symptoms

A person that has a disease but sHow is no symptoms?


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