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Sexual arousel can vary from person to person day to day. As long as it is not perversion you should be o.k. and as long as the opposite sex or same sex are consentual.. to be avaivable to have sex

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How do boys get sexually aroused?

Boys are always sexually aroused, period.

What is yiffy?

To be sexually aroused

What is a dendrophilliac?

Someone who is sexually attracted to or sexually aroused by trees.

If you are a male and have male foot fetishism are you considered gay?

Yes Yes and No. The majority of males who have *male* foot fetishism are gay, but a minority are not. Those who are not gay are those who are not sexually turned on (sexually aroused) by the sight of the completely nude male. In other words, a male can have male foot fetish without being sexually aroused by the sight of a completely nude male and in those cases, the male foot fetishist is not considered gay. not at all. very common problem. i myself am the same way, yet i feel no sexual attraction to men. no it doesn't mean you're weird either, whatever floats your boat, right?

What do you call a person who is sexually aroused by causing pain to another?

A person who is sexually aroused by causing pain to another is called a sadist.

At what age does a girl get sexually aroused?


What does a girl feel when she is wet?

Sexually aroused

How should you get horny?

That happens when you are sexually-aroused.

What is the term horny?

It means sexually aroused.

Why do boyes get erections?

because they are sexually aroused

When do men get boners?

When they get sexually aroused or just by a breeze.

How do you get a girl sexually aroused?

Be a very attractive man.

Why is that you are not aroused by your boyfriend?

Dont know, your not sexually attracted to him?

Do boys always have erections?

No they do not, only when sexually aroused

Do girls get wet when they laugh?

No, they get wet when sexually aroused.

Meaning of the Word randy?

sexually aroused or excited.

What is the name of the mucus that comes out of a woman when she is sexually aroused?

The mucus coming out of a woman's sex when she is aroused is called CIPRINE.

Can a man pee in a woman?

yes if he isnt sexually aroused

Why is your boyfriend all of a sudden not sexually aroused?

youre not hot

What is horny?

Horny, is the term used for when you are feeling sexually aroused.

Does a man shaking his leg mean he is sexually aroused?

He is nervous

What should a girl do when sexually aroused?

She could masturbate. In private.

Which sex is sexually aroused more a guy or a girl?

the boy

How do you make your penis stick up?

By getting sexually aroused

How does a male know if a female is sexually interested or aroused?

Ask her.