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I'm pretty sure that they can; just as long as they have driver license.

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Can a person drive a friend with a permit if a licensed twenty five year old person is in the car?

i think it depends on the state.

How old do you have to be to get your driving permit in Colorado?

In the United States, the minimum age at which a person can receive a learner's permit varies by state, ranging from fourteen to sixteen. Usually, with a driver's permit, the person may only drive with a person who is at least twenty. In Colorado you must be 15 years of age to be able to get your driving permit.

What is the number of American states that permit initiatives?

Twenty-one states permit initiatives.

What would happen 23 year old is caught driving alone with a learners permit?

The twenty-three year old would be punished the same as a 16 year old because its the law you have to have a licensed driver in the vehicle

Do you have to get a permit before driving if you are over twenty?

Yes. You will need a permit to take a driver test.

You are twenty years old and you live in Minnesota do you have to get a learners permit?

You will hae to check with MN motor vehicle codes to make sure - you may be old enough to bypass that part of the process. Simply check with, or call, your local DMV agency.

How long do you have to have your drivers permit to get your drivers license in New Jersey?

It depends how old you are. If you are getting your permit at sixteen to twenty one, then you must have your permit for six months. If older, then you must have your permit for three months.

What age do yo have to be to get a concealed weapons permit in Florida?


After 6 months of having your learners permit can you drive with someone younger than twenty-one years of age in Georgia?

You may only drive with those who are in your immediate family and/OR with any adult over 21 or alone. Note: The adult is required to have at least 5 years of driving experience (may include a year with a permit) for the first six months.

Is it legal if im over twenty and there is a legal driver with can drive?

Not without a learner's permit.

Can a person with a permit drive at night?

Yes it doesn't matter what the weather conditions are the only thing that matters is having a person in the car with you twenty one years of age or older with a legit license. (They're license can't be suspended . )

Can you get a gun permit with a twenty year old felony in Michigan?

If your rights have been restored, yes. If your rights have not been restored, you can't get a gun permit anywhere in the U.S.

What is the cost and testing time for a motorcycle permit?

It costs about twenty dollars for a motorcycle permit test. That test will take about half an hour if you are fast. It is needed in order to ride a bike.

Legal age to purchase guns in Alabama?

eighteen for shotguns and rifles. twenty one for pistol and its required permit

Can a 16 year old drive to school and work with a permit in Florida alone?

No, not unless you have someone twenty years or older with you.

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Can i rent a car with learner's permit?

No, you cannot. Not only do they ask for a driver's license, most companies, if not all, require you to be twenty-one years of age.

What is person who is twenty years old called?

a twenty years old parson called in Hindi "ballig" , because he is not a teenage or a youth

Can military personnel under the age of twenty one have concealed hand guns permit?

The basic answer is no. In most states, you have to be 21 to get a handgun carry permit, however, I think there are one or two states that will issue handgun carry permits to people 18 or older.

If I'm twenty-one years old can I drive with my learner's permit?

Not alone, that's for sure. The learner's permit has restrictions, so it doesn't matter what age you are ... even if you were 70 years old ... just being a certain age does not change the laws.

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