Can a planet go supernova

Updated: 8/11/2023
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No, only large stars go supernova when nuclear fusion breaks down. While white dwarfs can go supernova in some instances, brown dwarfs are failed stars which are not powered by nuclear fusion.

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No, only stars can go supernova.

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Q: Can a planet go supernova
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Is it possible for a planet to survive a supernova explosion from its own star?

No, not a supernova.

Has a supernova destroyed a planet?

There is no evidence, but the chances are very high. The explosive force of a supernova is enough to destroy a close planet or expel it into outer space. Even if it did not, the loss of mass would force any planet into a much greater orbit.

Why doesn't a supernova occur on earth?

A supernova can't occur on any planet. A supernova occurs when a very large star, at least 8 times more massive than the sun dies.

How can you use supernova in a sentence?

Heavy stars go supernova at the end of their lives.

Which star if it were to go supernova is close enough to harm planet Earth?

The nearest likely supernova candidate I know of is Betelgeuse, which is about 640 light years away, and is already well off the main sequence in a Red Giant phase. In order to seriously disrupt Earth, a supernova would probably have to be significantly closer than that.

Did Bardock live after facing Frieza?

No; he was shown to have died from the supernova that destroyed planet Vegeta.

Could a supernova on Jupiter cause the earth to be pushed off it axis?

Only a very, very few stars have mass enough to become supernova. Jupiter is a planet not a star. It is far to small to become a star, let alone a supernova.

When will the sun be supernova?

Never. A star must be about 10 times the mass of the sun or more to go supernova.

Can a planet survive a supernova if it is on the far side of a star binary to the exploding star?

It could. it depends on the condidtion. Yes it could but after the sun goes supernova it has a chance of turning into a black hole.

Is a supernova bigger than earth?

Much bigger. Earth is a relatively small planet, much smaller than even a dwarf star. A supernova is a very large star exploding.

Is it possible for the Sun to go supernova?

no. it is not large enough.

What will happen if the sun gone supernova?

The Sun won't go supernova (it isn't massive enough) so the question has no real answer!