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Q: Can a podiatrists treat gout
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Do Podiatrists only specialize in feet or do they also treat ankles?

Podiatrists treat conditions related to the leg, inlcuding feet, ankles, and arch problems. Podiatrists are medical doctors, so they can discuss various issues with you, however their specialty is the the leg.

What kind of doctor to see for a fibroma?

Podiatrists usually treat plantar fibromas.

Can a podiatrist prescribe drugs?

Podiatrists diagnose and treat disorders, diseases, and injuries of the foot and lower leg such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, bunions, heel spurs, and arch problems; ankle and foot injuries, deformities, and infections and to treat these problems, podiatrists prescribe drugs. (Podiatrists can now perform medical and surgical procedures in all 50 states of USA)

Is dicloflex for gout treatment?

Yes. Your doctor will prescribe it if it fits your symptoms.

What is the difference between a Pediatrician and a Podiatrist?

The difference between a podiatrist and pediatrician are the functions and type of doctors they are. Podiatrists treat all problems connected to the feet, whereas, Pediatricians treat children from infancy to the age of eighteen. Podiatrists are not medical doctors, they are doctors of podiatry. Pediatricians, on the other hand, are medical doctors.

What is a good Gout treatment?

The treatment of gout may involve a combination of both drugs and dietary changes. For more information on the treatment of gout go to the related link (How To Treat Gout With Diet and Medication) below.

Is Alluporinol used for the treatment of Tuberculosis?

it is mostly used to treat gout

Is there proof that the Mexican yam helps with gout?

There is proof that theMexican yam has components that can be helpful in gout but you would have to eat a truck load of it. this would be poisonous. There is no proof that you can treat gout with Mexican yams.

What are good treatments for gout symptoms?

The best way to treat gout is to go do a doctor and get prescribed medicine. If you are unable to get prescribed medicine, you should try to keep off of the area which is infected with gout.

Does NSAID effect gout?

no, actually NSAIDs themselves are used in the treatment of gout, Here in this link, different drugs used in the treatment of gout are explained.

What is zyloric 100 mg used for?

For high uric acid.

Can naproxen cause gout symptoms?

No as a matter of fact Naproxen is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, tendinitis and gout.