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Can a pregnant 15-year-old marry the 17-year-old father of her baby in Texas?

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You've already screwed up your life, don't make it worse. If you marry him you have an almost certainty that you'll get a divorce within 5 years, and the child will have a terrible life. Put the child into an adopted home where he/she can have a chance in life. ==More Opinions == *It seems the question refers to the legal aspect of the matter, in which case the answer would be not without parental permission.

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Can you legally move in with the baby's father if you are 16-years-old and think you are pregnant in Texas?

No. You must have parental permission first.

Can you divorce your spouse in Texas while pregnant?

Texas is one of the states that will not allow a divorce while the mother is pregnant.

Can you get divored in Texas if your pregnant?


When is pregnant teen in Texas able to leave home?

At the age of 18. Just because you are pregnant does not make you an adult under Texas law.

Can a 15 year old legally move out if she is pregnant in Texas?

Being pregnant does not change the age of majority. In Texas you have to be 18 before you are an adult.

Can a divorce decree be entered in Texas if the wife is pregnant?

when you're pregnant in the state of texas, I think you can file. I do know that it can't be finalized until after childbirth.

Can a pregnant minors parents force her to move?

no. once your pregnant ,texas see's you as an adult

Can a child that is 13 in Texas make a choice to live with his father?

My child is 13 and lives in Texas and he wants to live with his father. Can he do this legally?

Can a woman move from Iowa to Texas while pregnant without the consent of the father?

While pregnant she can move anywhere she wants and doesn't need the father's permission. However, once the child is born it's a simple matter for the father to request a court order requiring her to return the child to the state. And if the court feels that she moved merely in an effort to deny the father his rights to the child, they will not view that favorably.

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Does the mother have more rights then the father in Texas?


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Can you get married in Texas when you're sixteen and pregnant?

Not legally. When the baby is born, it may be a different story in Texas.

How many teens got pregnant in Texas in 2011?

in texas there was about 690 teens that got knocked up

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