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It depends on what State you live in. Go on Type in: What age is a minor in _____________(put name of State in.) I don't know if it's a parent, the 17 year old or the 24 year old posting, but here goes: Although 17 is young, a parent should reflect on their own past. Adults know that seldom in these modern times do young teens make it in marriage, but a few slip through. If the 24 year old young man is a decent guy, then perhaps for the baby's sake, it's best to let them have a low-key wedding. If you don't they will either run away and get married, or sneak away to see each other. Just because they aren't married, they still have a bond together over this baby just as if this young woman was in her 20's and a first time mother. If this is your daughter and you still want a good relationship with her and you think this young man is a good guy, then bite the bullet and try helping her through this. You just never know; their marriage could work out. If she is forced to stop seeing this 24 year old man, is kept at home, has the baby and forced to give it up for adoption it won't change things and it will only embitter her and put a wedge between parent(s) and daughter. It resolves nothing and once she is of age she'll marry this young man anyway! Never mind what relatives, friends our neighbors say about the whole thing, and you are the parent, work with your daughter on this and stand your ground! We often forget to reflect on our past when we were young and what our feelings were back then. As adults we do know much more from all the mistakes we've made, but it doesn't give us a right to dictate to the young at times when it comes to a young girl getting pregnant. It happens a lot these days. If the young woman can have that baby, be responsible, get her education and work as well and raise that child that should be enough. So, you either have two choices .... fight it, and have little to no relationship with this 17 year old, or bite the bullet and try to help where you can. The harder you fight it the more she will want to marry. There are worse things! Good luck Marcy There are three states that allow a pregnant minor who is at least 16 to marry without parental consent. Those states are Florida, Georgia, and Maryland (with some exceptions). The minor must present a notarized statement from a licensed physician verifying the pregnancy. Please be advised that manys states have stipulations as to age differences pertaining to sexual relationships between adults and minors. There are also many other laws under state juvenile codes that might apply, such as contributing to the deliquency of a minor, coercion by a person in the position of authority, corruption of morals of a minor and so forth. It would be advisable to seek legal counsel before taking any other action, most attorneys offer free or minimal fee consultations.

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Q: Can a pregnant 17-year-old marry her 24-year-old boyfriend?
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