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With parental permission, yes, she can.

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Q: Can a pregnant sixteen year old in the State of Michigan marry an over eighteen man with parental permission?
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Can you get married in Michigan at sixteen and pregnant?

With parental permission you can obtain a marriage license.

Can a pregnant sixteen year old marry an eighteen year old without parental consent in Virginia?

No. You must have parental permission to get married if you are under 18. Being pregnant doesn't change the age.

Can a pregnant minor get married without parental consent in Wisconsin if the minor is 17 in a half?

Seventeen and a half is not eighteen. Until they are an adult, they need parental permission or a court order.

Can a pregnant minor get married without parental permission if she is pregnant?

A minor- pregnant or not- cannot marry without parental consent.

Can you get married at 16 in Mississippi if you are pregnant and have parental permission?


Can you get married at age 16 in Texas without parental permission if you are pregnant?

You need to have parental consent.

If a sixteen year old resident of Alabama is pregnant can she get married without parental consent?

No. Pregnant or not, you need parental permission to marry.

Can a pregnant 17 year old move in with her boyfriend?

With parental permission she can.

In Texas if a girl 16 is pregnant can she with parental consent marry a 20 year old?

She can get married with parental permission.

Can a 16 year old get married in the state of Washington if pregnant?

With parental permission.

What are the requirements to move out at seventeen when you're pregnant?

The same as if you are not pregnant. You have to have parental permission or a court order to move out.

Can you get married in Virginia if you are pregnant without parental permission?

I don't think that it matters whether you are pregnant or not. I think that you need parental consent or be age 18 or older.

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