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Yes, a pregnant woman should exercise regularly.

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Q: Can a pregnant woman walks regularly?
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What would happen if a pregnant woman went jogging?

If you have been jogging regularly before you got pregnant it is said to be ok because your body is use to it. Just like if you played volleyball or went bowling if you didn't partake in these activites regularly before then I believe they are not that safe.

Can you get a woman pregnant if she pregnant?

No. Once pregnant, a woman can't get pregnant-er.

Can a woman ovulate if she is pregnant?

No; a woman will not ovulate if she is pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant by a woman?


Best position for pregnant woman?

how can i make love with pregnant woman

When a woman's breasts leak does it mean she is pregnant?

No. One of the most common reasons that breasts leak is because the woman just had a baby. If the breasts are not expressed regularly while a woman is lactating, they will get sore and they will leak. If the breasts leak at any other time, it could be a medical symptom.

How do you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Exactly the same as a non-pregnant woman or a man.

Can pregnant woman go tanning?

Yes. Pregnant woman can go tanning.

Is a woman pregnant for nine or ten months?

A woman is pregnant for nine months.

What are the symptoms of a man when a woman is pregnant?

Nothing. Men do not have symptoms when a woman is pregnant.

Your fiance came inside of you and you were not on birth control at the moment but the next day you took a birth control pill so can you be pregnant?

It depends. If you are regularly on birth control and just forgot it that day, it is not likely but it is very possible. If you are not regularly on birth control and took the pill the day after, then yes, you can be pregnant, since usually you have to be on the pill for 2-4 weeks before a man can ejaculate into a woman without the risk of getting her pregnant.

Does a woman look beautiful when pregnant?

Every woman is supposed to feel beautiful when pregnant!