Can a problem be taken care of?

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some times.

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Q: Can a problem be taken care of?
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How do you use taken care of?

'take care of' is a phrasal verb so 'taken care of' is the past participle.example sentences:present perfectI have taken care of your cats while you were in hospital.She has taken care of me since I was a child.My father has taken care of the debt.present continuousI am taking care of my sister because my mother is sick.The telephone company is taking care of the problem

What if the recall on the altima 2003 was taken care of and still have the problem?

Take it back.

Where to get assistance or a medical problem now?

If it needs to be taken care of right now, then you should go to the emergency room or urgent care clinic.

Is painful urination during pregnancy a sign of a serious problem?

It sounds like a bladder infection, which could become a serious problem if not taken care of. Go see your doctor. If it's a bladder infection, it can easily be taken care of with antibiotics. If it is something else, they will find it.

How are baby coyotes taken care of?

They are taken care of by the mother.

What is the specific problem associated with a ferret?

There is not any specific problem associated with a ferret as long as they are taken care of properly they can live a long, healthy life

What percent of German shepherds are well taken care of?


Is strategic formulation and strategic implementation equally important and can one happen without the other one?

Plan a strategy to solve a problem and then implement your strategy to get the problem taken care of.

What is call centre?

Call Center is a place where services are rented to the customers, where customers queries and problem are taken care of and outsourcing is done

Why taken care not taken cared?

It is just the convention in English to apply past tense only once. I care, I cared I do care, I did care I took care, I have taken care in all instances the past tense is applied only once, at the first opportunity.

Why is Tachometer alone not working in 1997 Honda Accord. What needs to be taken care?

I have read it is a problem with the ignition coil.Even if the coil seems O.K.

How are chimp babies taken care of?

chimp babies are taken care of their mothers for 8 to 7 years

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