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Red-eared sliders only eat tad-poles,mealworms silkworms and smaller fish


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Red-eared slider turtles will eat fish such as minnows, goldfish, and guppies. Besides fish, they also eat bugs, snails, tadpoles and even worms.

red eared slider turtle do not eat sharks. despite there ability to practically devour anything the sharks are to big to attempt to attack it. hence turtles do not try to attack them and red eared slider turtles don't eat them. :)

yes i have 7 red eared sliders and they do eat their poop

Yes, they are carnivores and will eat any meat they can get.

it will if in a pond with wish

Yes they can and also earthworms

No, lightning bugs do not eat grass. Lightning bugs eat snails, worms, pollen, and flower parts, and other insects. The insects must be chopped up for the lightning bugs.

A red eared slider will eat strawberries. My red eared slider eat strawberries once a week and maybe half of one. Don't give it to them every day because they are very low in protein but your turtle will love them! i know that the pellets have the most protein and vitamins so you should check that out!

When you feed a red eared slider, the food should be in the water.

No, however, red-eared slider turtles tend to be very open to any new type of food expect onions

they eat bugs which makes them insectivores

Your turtle can eat feeder fish.

i really think that raccoons eat red eared sliders really don't know?

Yes red eared slider turtles can grow to be up to 11", but are usually only about 1" when born. They are omnivores and eat mainly veggies.

Yes, fish are the Red Eared Slider turtles natural prey. Your turtle will enjoy chasing around the fish and eating them as well.

If they were feeder roaches (not just normal house roaches) and small/soft enough, I suppose you could feed them to a red eared slider.

Yes, they will happily eat the eggs wether it was theirs or not.If you are breeding them it is best to leave the female with her eggs and put the male in a different enclosure.

i think it can because it can eat meat

well you shouldn't because it might eat the little one

Yes. But they must be cut into small pieces.

Raccoons, opossums and coyotes are among predators of the red eared slider turtle. Many other predators, including snapper turtles and some birds would eat hatchlings as well.

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