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Yes, a repo man is not a police officer. He does not have to abide by police guide lines.

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Q: Can a repo man go to relatives to find the car?
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How can you find out if a car is wanted by the repo man?

If its not your car why do you care???

Can a repo man take your car from a locked fence?

Yes, a repo man can take your car in any circumstances. He just needs to find a means to enter the property.

Can the repo man remove your possessions from your car after they repo it?


When repo man hits another car when repossesion a vehicle?

when repo man repossess the car and was in an accident before you can get it back, what happens

What happens if you don't turn a car over to the repo man?

they will repo it

Can repo man repo your truck with you in it?

Probably not. He'd probably ask you to get out of the car.

Can a repo man take your car if your child's car seats are inside and needed?

A "repo man" can take your car no matter what. If your purse is in the car, they can take it. You will probably be called with the information on how to get your personal effects.

How can a repo man find you?

Don't worry, they will find you. They always do. Hint! Make your payments on time and they won't be looking for your car.

Can you have the repo man get a car that is taken by someone who borrowed it and moved if you only have their drivers license and SSN?

IF the loan is in DEFAULT that has the car as collateral AND the LENDER issues a repo order, YES, the repo man can take the car from a 3rd party in possession.

Why did the repo man not take my car after not answering the door?

Maybe the repo man was after something other than your car. Or, maybe the person was there to serve you with some papers.

How can a repo man come on a military base and get your car if you work for the military government?

Chances are the cops at the gate will escort the repo man to your car and let them take it.

In the state of Illinois can the repo man bring a police man to help him repo your car?

An officer can be called to keep the peace. Otherwise, a repo is a civil issue.

Can a car repo man flatten tires on car if unable to get to car?


Does the repo man look for the car at your family and friends house as well?

He will try to find out where you are hiding it if that is what you are doing.

Can your car be repo if you have no insurance?

The repo man will not care if your car has insurance or not. If you haven't been paying for your car, the finance company or bank will take their car back.

Where do you look to find your repossessed car?

As licensed repo man I can tell you we must notify the local P.D. within 1 hour that the car was picked up as a repo, where it will be stored, and what the name of lender is. To find it call lender or call local P.D. and report it stolen at which time P.D. will tell you its a repo and where it is.

How long does it take a repo man to repo a car in California?

A long time if you hide it well!

What can happen if you hide a vehicle from the repo man in California?

the repo man will get angry because he can't find your car, and they will probably call you and send you mail repeatedly because you owe them money or the car. they might decide to get the law involved, but i don't think they are allowed to do that.

What methods do Repo men use to try and find a car they are having trouble finding?

Way too many to mention much the same that a P.I. would use to locate an individual. Did you really think that you would get a repo man to tell you his secrets? Come on. there is many ways. and a repo person will find that car maybe not today but they will find it.

Can the repo man take your car if it is in the carport?


How do you find out if a car is wanted by the repo man?

If you haven't been making your payments for a few months, you can pretty much bet your car is one the list.

Can a repo man lift a car cover to check if its the right car?

A repo man can check under the hood of a car to make sure it's the right car. They will look under to check that the vin number matches the vin number of the car they are repossessing.

How long does it take a repo man to repo a car in nebraska?

i think its about 3 0r 4 months then they will call and ask you where can they pick up the car

Can repo man take car from garage?

Unfortunately, yes.

If a repo man damages your car by moving it to get to one who responsible?

he is

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