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Don't worry, they will find you. They always do. Hint! Make your payments on time and they won't be looking for your car.

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Q: How can a repo man find you?
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Can a repo man go to relatives to find the car?

Yes, a repo man is not a police officer. He does not have to abide by police guide lines.

Can the repo man find you if you move out of state?


How can you find out if a car is wanted by the repo man?

If its not your car why do you care???

What is REPO and reserve REPO?

repo is taking somthing away like the repo man in the new movie repo! the genetic opera theres an organ repo man who takes away peoples organs

Can a repo man take your car from a locked fence?

Yes, a repo man can take your car in any circumstances. He just needs to find a means to enter the property.

What was the budget for Repo Man?

The Production Budget for Repo Man was $1,500,000.

When was Repo Man?

Repo Man was released on 03/02/1984.

Can a repo man physically touch you?

A repo man cannot physically touch you. If you hit the repo man, he can defend himself. Strength, good physical fitness, and an ability to communicate well are assets to the role of a repo man.

Can a repo man call your job?

Yes a repo man can call your job.

When was Repo Man released?

Repo Man was released on 03/02/1984.

What was the Production Budget for Repo Man?

The Production Budget for Repo Man was $1,500,000.

Can a repo man repo tools?

yes you can repo tools like tractors.

How do you find work for repo man in Oregon?

Go to the banks and Savings and Loans or any place where they give Auto Loans and ask if they need a repo man. But you must have your own truck.

WHAT TEST do you need to become a repo man in Michigan?

what do i have to do to become a repo man in Michigan

Can the repo man find out where you work How Any way to hide the info from them temporarily?

Yes the Repo man can find out where you work. I am a repo man. I repo 18 wheelers and equipment. I find out where people work all the time. The bank can run a credit check on you and if you have applied for a loan anywhere that reports to the credit reporting agencies then they will have your current address and place of employment. Also there is always some one who knows where you live, work, shop, go to church, ect............ The repo man will talk to your friends, neighbors, and realtives. He will offer all of them a finders fee. Sooner or later someone will talk. And then you are walking. I know of several ways to slow the repo man down. if anyone is interested they can contact me at mandr2gether at

Can a repo man come on your property?

can a repo man have to announce himself when he comes on private property

What do you do when repo man is here?

You give the repo man the keys to the vehicle and let him take the vehicle.

How much money did Repo Man gross worldwide?

Repo Man grossed $2,300,000 worldwide.

Can a repo man repo your truck behind your gate?

Yes. If he has a repo order, it is no longer YOUR truck.

Can the repo man remove your possessions from your car after they repo it?


What is the reflection of Repo Men?

repo man looking back at him

Can a repo man enter private property without permission?

Yes. The objective of a repo man is to reposess property of people who have defaulted on their loans. A repo man will never ask for permission.

Who can help you find work as a repo man in your state?

== == Contact a local company in that state.

How does the repo man find out where you work?

From the credit application you filled out when applying for your auto loan

Is it possible to have a felony and be a repo-man?

In the state of Illinois,Chicago. Can I work as a repo- man with a felony conviction?