Can a repo order be sent if the loan is not in default but you have no comprehensive and collision insurance?


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Unfortunately, yes. It was one of the agreements you made with them when you purchased the car. They check with the insurance companies from time to time- probably every couple of weeks to make sure you have coverage. If you are involved in an accident, then they lose.


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If you maintained "comprehensive coverage" on the car, absolutely. This differs from collision coverage in that collision coverage is triggered by a physical impact to the vehicle and resulting damage. Comprehensive covers a broader range of occurrences. The lien holder is likely to have required you to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage in order to protect its security interest in the vehicle. That is, the insurance provides some assurance that the lien will be satisfied from the insurance proceeds. In that respect, the lien holder likely required that it be named as a "loss payee" on the policy, so any settlement will be paid jointly to you and to it.

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The best comprehensive motorcycle insurance can be perceived by different things. The ones with best customer rating is the ones that are best in my opinion. In order, these are the top three with the best; Arbella Insurance, State Auto and AAA.

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No, only progressive does, you also must buy collision in order to get this protection. Please keep in mind that the same deductible will apply for both the dog and the vehicle.

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Collision insurance is not required by Pennsylvania law but may be part of a vehicle loan stipulation. This insurance covers the cost of damage to vehicles owned by the insured party. It does not cover damages or the costs related to bodily injuries. Pennsylvania law requires liability insurance be carried in order to protect innocent victims in a car accident. Collision insurance is usually coupled with comprehensive coverage and is available from every auto insurance agent licensed in the state.Buying The Proper Amount Of CoverageCollision insurance rates depend on the value of the car and the driving history of the policyholder. The policy may be written in such a way as to cover only the actual value of the car at any time. Since this decreases over the years the insured may be paying the same amount even though the coverage becomes less and less. Drivers in Pennsylvania are encouraged to ask their insurance provider or agent about what the pay schedule would be for a rapidly depreciating vehicle.The policy will be broken into two parts. The first part deals with the amount of protection should the policyholder cause an accident involving damage to the vehicle or personal property. There will be several deductible amounts from which to choose. The least expensive policy will carry a deductible of no less than $500 and perhaps as much as $1,000. This is the amount the insured would have to pay out-of-pocket before insurance would cover the balance of repair costs. The second portion of the policy explains the coverage amounts for comprehensive insurance. The coverage may be less than the collision insurance portion but the deductible may be the same.Comparing Quotes OnlineInsurance shoppers in Pennsylvania may save money by combining their required liability insurance with collision and comprehensive insurance. Rates for combined policies vary greatly from one provider to another. By shopping online and using a comparison site, quotes for various deductible amounts and optional coverage types can be obtained in just minutes. Insurance shoppers may find that one company provides a good discount when personal injury protection and uninsured motorist protection are added to a policy containing liability and collision insurance. Personal injury protection is required in Pennsylvania and is automatically added to any quote given.Discussing the value of the car with an insurance agent is a good idea because the amount of collision insurance offered may not be sufficient to cover the loan balance should the car be damaged beyond repair. Insurance adjusters make sure the actual car value is the upper limit payable with this form of insurance. GAP insurance is sometimes available to cover the difference.

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A vehicle begins to depreciate in value the moment it is driven off the dealer lot. In fact most insurance adjusters assume a 10 percent decrease in value even if the car has been driven less than 1,000 miles. If a vehicle is purchased new and the owner manages to arrange a loan package with little or no down payment, chances are the vehicle will for a time be worth less than the loan balance. Texas drivers who purchase a new car for little or nothing down should consider GAP insurance, which can cover an upside-down loan in case the vehicle is stolen or totaled.GAP Insurance Offered By Auto DealersGAP insurance stands for Guaranteed Auto Protection and covers the difference between what is owed on a vehicle and what is offered as a settlement if the car is completely destroyed in an accident. Many auto dealers are now authorized to offer GAP insurance and will usually make the coverage available at the time financing is secured. This coverage can be relatively expensive but is usually just a one-time fee. The cost may be as much as 3-4 percent of the retail price on the vehicle. Dealers can either accept the payment in full or combine it with the loan package. Subsequent payments are not needed because the insurance is in force only so long as the car's value is less than the loan balance.GAP Insurance From A Texas Insurance AgencyMost insurance companies do not advertise GAP insurance but many are licensed to provide it. The cost is similar to what a dealership charges and can be added to the price of a full comprehensive and collision insurance policy. Drivers in Texas will be required to have full collision insurance before a GAP policy can be added. This is because the GAP insurance only covers the difference between what collision or comprehensive insurance will pay and the loan balance on the car.If a car is worth $20,000 and the loan balance is $22,000, drivers can take out a GAP policy for the difference plus deductible amount. If the collision insurance policy carries a $500 deductible and the car is totaled in an accident caused by the owner, collision insurance will pay for $19,500. The GAP insurance will pay the difference, leaving the owner of the vehicle free from financial obligation to the lien holder.When A Vehicle Is StolenDrivers in Texas should make sure their comprehensive insurance package covers a stolen vehicle that is never recovered. A GAP insurance addition to the policy would work the same way as if the vehicle was totally destroyed in an accident. In some cases GAP insurance purchased along with collision and comprehensive coverage will include the deductible amount. This means if the car is totaled or stolen, drivers will not have to pay the deductible in order for the insurance company to process the claim. This does not apply if the car can be repaired.

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