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It couldn't be a breach of peace if the leasing agent/office LET them in. If the agent/office had told them to leave and they didnt, then it would be breach of peace. According to Ca. law, as soon as the agent has possession of the car, the repo is complete. That's either IN the car or on the hook(truck). So if the repo agent had gotten in by some other means, as soon as he/she was IN the car, the repo was a done deal and all they could do was tell him to leave. Which act he would be glad to do. Sorry, this may not be what you want to hear. CA has the toughest laws about repos of all the states. Good Luck

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Q: Can a repossession be completed with the help of your apartment leasing office?
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What is the process to file for repossession of apartment in Georgia?

"Repossession" of an apartment?? Are you the landlord? It sounds like what you are asking is, how to go about evicting a tenant. Most (all?) jurisdictions have some type of landlord/tenant statutes which control this type of matter. Go to your local Clerk of Court's office and ask if they might have the proper forms.

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You need to discuss it with the landlord or someone with authority at the leasing office. Only the maker of the lease can release you from it and you need to get that in writing.You need to discuss it with the landlord or someone with authority at the leasing office. Only the maker of the lease can release you from it and you need to get that in writing.You need to discuss it with the landlord or someone with authority at the leasing office. Only the maker of the lease can release you from it and you need to get that in writing.You need to discuss it with the landlord or someone with authority at the leasing office. Only the maker of the lease can release you from it and you need to get that in writing.

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Is it legal in Californial for a landlord to complain about a tenant phoning the leasing office regarding maintenance issues to other tenants?

Complaining is not illegal.

Is it better to lease or buy office equipment?

For office equipement, it's usually better to buy. Most office equipment of higher quality should be expected to last so long that leasing is more expensive than buying.

How can you have your gas electric acct change in the home to have another person to start the acct if you are leaving?

Close your account. Then if there is a landlord account set up, it will go to the landlord's account automatically. Otherwise the power will be cut off till someone else comes and sets up an account. If you live in an apartment, talk to the leasing office about what to do.

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Is a lease valid if it has the wrong date on it?

If a lease was written with the wrong dates, it is not valid. You need to contact the leasing office to have a new one made.

Who regulates auto repossession in Texas?

NO state agency or board. Any complaints should go to the State Attorney General office.

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