Can a retailer not accept coupons?

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Q: Can a retailer not accept coupons?
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Related questions

What coupons does cvs take?

CVS Pharmacy coupons and Third Party Manufacturer pharmacy coupons are accepted in CVS stores. However, CVS will not accept Third Party Manufacturer coupons with another retailer's logo. CVS will also accept coupons printed from the internet but will not accept barcode coupons on mobile devices.

Where can I get the best deal on diapers through using diaper coupons?

Any retailer should accept coupons if you are using coupons that are directly from the diaper manufacturing company. It all depends on who charges the least. In general this would be a large retailer like Wal-Mart or Target.

Where can printable coupons be found?

Coupons are a good way to save money. Not every retailer will accept them. If you want to be sure you will need to check the coupon's policy of the store you're interested in.

Does CVS accept Loreal printable coupons?

Most CVS's do accept Loreal printable coupons. However the coupons that they accept must either be their coupons or manufacturer's coupons.

Where can you redeem hp coupons?

Manufacturer's, like HP, usually allow their coupons to be accepted by any company that sells their products. Some retailer's may choose not to participate in a coupon program and therefore will not accept coupons from those manufacturers.

Can I use double coupons with Oscar Mayer coupons?

The double coupon policy varies depending on which retailer you're shopping at. They may or may not accept them. The standard store policy for double coupons is one manufacturer's coupon and one in store coupon.

What stores accept expired coupons?

There are not any stores that accept expired coupons.

Is there an online index of retailers who accept sears coupons?

Any Sears store should accept coupons they distribute. When a corporate office of a company sends out coupons, it is customary that all retail branches accept the coupons.

Does Costco accept printed coupons?

Cost only accepts coupons of their own that they offer you at the main entrance door. They do not accept manufacturer's coupons or online printed coupons.

Does Gamestop accept video game coupons?

If the coupons are for Gamestop then you can in fact go to Gamestop and use them. They will not however accept coupons from other stores.

Is printing of coupons illegal?

No, because the retailer has the right to refuse the coupon if he/she wants to. If they accept it then that's on them. Also note that more and more retailers are offering online coupons. You hit their site, click around, and print the coupon you wish to use.

Does Petsmart accept dog food coupons?

Yes Petsmart does accept dog food coupons. They are a pet store that specializes in food for all kind of animals and will accept many coupons.

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