Can a retired cpo from navy reserve who came out of retirement and joined national guard and retired as a sargent question can you wear the navy uniform to a navy ball or must you go army?

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Yes as long as u wear the rank and awards that you made in the navy but why would you move from e7 to a e5 that's just crazy
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What's going on with agr National Guard retirement?

You need to be more specific. I tried to see the discussion part of this question and did not find a thing.. I am AGR retired (1SG and retirement counselor) and all worked out fine. Retired effective 31 May 2008, received my first retired pay 1 July 2008 (for June).. Maybe it depends on which Stat ( Full Answer )

Is an ex-wife of a retired navy chief eligible by law to receive half of his navy pension?

It depends on the legal terms of their divorce - if the divorce agreement specifically entitles the ex-spouse to the member's pension (percentage determined by the agreement), then yes, she is entitled. However, without such terms in the divorce or other separate legal agreement, the former spouse h ( Full Answer )

Do you have to go to war if you join the NAVY?

depends on what you call war. The navy does fight the current war by providing boots on ground in areas of conforntation, but they also fight the war miles of shore using plans and modern weapons. take your pick I've done both

Is a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer still authorized to wear the CPO dinner dress uniform at formal occasions such as a local Marine Birthday Ball?

You bet, Chief! You served your country and retired with the thanks of a grateful nation. But just so you have Chapter and Verse, here's the appropriate part of the US Navy Uniform Regulations: 61002. UNIFORMS FOR RETIRED PERSONNEL 1. GENERAL . Retired officers and enlisted personnel, who ar ( Full Answer )

Should you join the navy or army?

The Navy and Army have different aspects, appealing to different people. The job you desire should serve as a major deciding factor in how the U.S Military Service will utilize you. If you join any branch of the military as an MA, you are likely to see plenty of combat, where as if you join HM, (Arm ( Full Answer )

Can bankruptcy hinder you in joining the navy reserves?

Bankruptcy won't hinder your enlistment, but COULD limit what you do in the Navy, since credit history is one of the elements of security clearance investigations. How long ago the bankruptcy was filed, and current financial responsibility can improve your chances of at least a Secret clearance, nee ( Full Answer )

Who can wear the navy uniform?

Active duty Navy, Naval Reservists, and Navy Veterans (assuming they can fit into their old uniforms) are authorized to wear Navy uniforms. For Veterans though, their discharge must be under conditions other than dishonorable.

Weight limit to join navy reserve?

Your weight limit depends entirely on your current height and body fat level. You can view the chart at,13898,rec_step07_hw_navy,,00.html

Can you wear Army unit medal on Navy uniform?

Yes... but only under certain circumstances... "only while actually attending meetings or conventions or while participating in parades or other ceremonies as a member of these organizations." US Navy Uniform Regulations Section (NAVPERS 1566.5) Chapter 5 Section 3 (awards) part 11 5311. ( Full Answer )

What is the Maximum retirement points for a navy reservist per year?

If you only accumulate the points while in Inactive Duty (Drilling and Correspondence Courses plus 15 Membership Points) then the max you can get is 130 points. If you are Active Duty due to Mobilization, Annual Training (AT), Active Duty For Training (ADT), or Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) ( Full Answer )

What is the sign-on bonus for joining the Navy Reserves?

It's different for each rate/rank, and whether or not you have any prior service, degree, etc., or not. Though the different rates are posted on the Naval Reserve website, they change at the whim of Congress and the President, and with this current administration the rates will likely be dropping, i ( Full Answer )

Navy jump wings on a army uniform?

Navy jump wings on an Army soldier's uniform mean that the soldierhas completed jump training in accordance with navy standards.These are blue wings that can be affixed to the uniform signifyingthat the individual has the training to jump from a standard planin good conditions.

How much does a retired Navy Commander earn?

There is no set limit - it depends entirely on the year of separation, years of service, type of separation, COLA adjustments, and many other factors, including disability, POW status, etc. There are so many factors that there's no way to determine the pay for any given retired Naval Commander. Even ( Full Answer )

Can you wear a Hawaiian lei in navy uniform?

Under military uniform regulations, absolutely not. "Flowers" of any type are not authorized as a uniform device for any regulation Navy Uniform. However, having said that, it is a long standing tradition for sailors to be decorated with lei's upon arriving in Hawaii, and Naval Commands tend to o ( Full Answer )

Pension of chief artificer of Indian navy retired on 31 OCT-01?

INR 10500 Approx in order to calculate basic pension one needs to know 1. number of yrs of service 2.ceiling pay of that rank . etc etc . this basic was further revised in 2006 upon implementation of sixth central pay commision. post your number of years of service including training ( boys tra ( Full Answer )

What Navy ribbons can be worn on the Army uniform?

Any award with a ribbon can be worn on a different service uniform if it was earned while attached to a joint command, the person was involved in a joint mission, etc. The ribbon device is worn on the right breast over the pocket.

Navy veteran wear uniform to wedding?

All veterans who discharged under honorable conditions (or anything other than dishonorable or BCD) are entitled to wear their uniforms, provided they can still fit into them and project proper military bearing.

Can you join active army to navy reserve?

I do know people who have done exactly that, but they've all had an MOS in the Army which corresponded with their occupation in the Navy Reserve. However, this may not necessarily be a requirement, although you'll likely have to attend some sort of occupational specialty training if you're not trans ( Full Answer )

Which is better to join navy or army?

Better for what? You give absolutely no intention of what it is you're trying to achieve, nor even the faintest hint of what your criteria for 'better' may be. You need to narrow it down a little before much of an answer can be given to this question.

How do you address a letter to a retired navy officer?

I myself is in the US Marines and when i have had to write to a retired Officer of the US Military i was to told when you are writing to a person of which deserves great appreciations that you first state their rank and then followed by their name then you say what you need to say then when your all ( Full Answer )

Were to get a retired navy id?

You should have been issued one at retirement. If you have lost that one, you should contact the nearest military facility. They will be able to provide the necessary documentation to issue a new ID card..

Navy reserves to active navy?

Ask your leadership about TAR/FTS programs. Without making it a long speech there are programs and your leadership should have information on both the above programs.

When do you get paid when you retire from navy?

It will depend on the number of years served and the rank at that time. For twenty years service, you are entitled to 50% of your base pay. For each year over 20, you receive an additional 2.5% to a maximum of 75% of base pay. The base pay is for the rank at retirement..

Can you join the army if you get discharge from the navy?

There is no reason why you cannot. As long as your discharge is honorable, there should be no problem. The ranks don't transfer, but the time in service does. And the experience will allow you to be promoted faster. And you can't be over the maximum age to enlist, though it may be tolled for acti ( Full Answer )

Can you retire from navy attorney when you want?

Navy attorneys are officers. An officer may resign his commission. However, there are some restrictions, such as attending certain schools requires you to fulfill a specific time of service after completion. Typically you cannot resign within a year of accepting new orders..

Can a beard be worn with retired navy uniform?

It depends on the event, and of course assuming you can still fit into it. It's been a few years since I've been even close to fitting into my Crackerjacks. For Veterans events, it's not an issue; it's only if you're in uniform officially as a sailor on active duty or a Reservist that binds you t ( Full Answer )

Who came first Army or Navy?

In terms of establishment, the U.S. Army, by just about 4 months. The Army was established on June 14, 1775, the Navy on October 13, 1775.

Can prior navy personnel who join the army can get back in the navy?

You can, but it depends entirely on what your prior Navy and Army rates were, as well as your rank. Remember that everything is based on the needs of the Navy; right now they're looking at cutting back jobs, but if you're qualified in a critical rate they'll likely snap you up in second. Don't fo ( Full Answer )

What is the retirement pay for a commander of the Army National Guard?

There is no rank of "Commander" in the National Guard. It only exists as part of a job title, e.g., Company Commander (usually a Captain), Battalion Commander (usually a Lieutenant Colonel), Brigade Commander (usually a Colonel), Division Commander (usually a Major General), etc. Retirement pay will ( Full Answer )

What pay did a navy chief who retired in 1984 receive?

A Navy Chief is at the paygrade of E-7. According to the paychart for that year his base pay would have been around 1300 at the least (thats for 8 years) and upto 1850 for 26+ years. He would have also received money for house called BAQ at that time, BAH came later I believe. BAQ for him in 1984 wo ( Full Answer )

Can you wear army ribbons on navy uniforms?

Yes you can. According to Chapter 5 artical 5301-5319 of theNavy Uniform Regulation any military decoration earned whileserving in the army may be worn behind it's Navy equivilent (i.e.the navy equivilent has precidence over other branches). The onlyacception to this is the Army Service Ribbon which ( Full Answer )

How good are the retirement benefits for the navy seals?

The same as with any other member of the Military, the only special things they get out being a SEAL are serving their country like no one else could and amazing experiences that 99% of people anywhere wouldn't get.

How much do a retire navy make?

1/2 (Half) of whatever their rank/rate pay was at retirement. Also, This goes up every time active duty pay goes up or gets a raise. Example: If you were a Chief and making $2,000 at retirement you would get $1,000/month. Then when the Navy got a raise which is usually ever couple years by ( Full Answer )

Can the Navy wear their camo uniforms in public?

Regulations state the Navy Working Uniform (camo) can only be worn to work, on the job and home. If you're drving home and have to stop for gas, food or quickly stop at a store, etc you may but you can't just wear them around all day

Who are eligible to join the Army or Navy?

People ages 17-34 years old, that has graduated high school,are eligible to join the Army or Navy. There are other requirements that you need to join the Army or Navy. Also, you have to past a certain test with a certain score to join.

How do you turn in a impostor of a retired four star Navy Seal?

Note that in the history of the U.S. Navy, there have only been 2 SEAL's to achieve the rank of 4-star Admiral. The first SEAL to achieve 4-star rank was former Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Commanding Officer Admiral (SEAL) Eric Olsen ; the other one is the current (2013) USSOCOM CO Admi ( Full Answer )