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Your probably need to speak with a lawyer, but my bet would be NO. Besides, I don't think anything can "give" you Fibromyalgia. In addition, the fact that most medical professionals don't really believe it exists (they see it as the scapegoat of pill junkies and hypochondriacs) might complicate things a little. The back injury may be a different story if you can collect resonable medical evidence close to the time of the supposed injury. (I.e. an X-Ray showing new damage from seven years ago).

My advice--talk to a personal injury attorney. Your local phone book should have about 19,000,000 of them. They offer free consults--most over the phone or they will come to you.

Fibro can, and often is the result of an injury. Saying that nothing can "give" you fibromyalgia is the same as saying nothing can give you post traumatic stess syndrome. If you have any question about winning a comp case search IWCC (Illinois workers comp comish) for Fibromyalgia and you will see it has happened (1999). It is difficult if you were diagnosed long after the accident. There has to be doctors that will testify to a causal connection. Find a comp attorney. Also, as far as medical proffessionals believing it exists; it is recognised by the AMA among other groups since the '80's. There is enough proof it exists if you do the research.I'd say that is a bit harsh of an answer to the persons question. My answer is definitely yes! The reason I say that is that I got both a disability settlement and S.S. disability after 8 years. I had a good attorney and a lot of personal conviction. I also learned to not listen to the nay sayers. It is easy to get wrapped up in what others, doctors etc, think or say. I knew how I felt and know it isn't a lie. It is something real. They just haven't got a handle on it.

There are too many people who suffer with it, what ever you want to call it. It all boils down to pain, sometimes excruciating. As the person above suggests, it is good to document with a doctor. If it is worker's comp., you must tell the doctor. I don't really know your situation. If you want more specific data, let me know.

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Q: Can a seven-year-old workmen's comp back injury and fibromyalgia case possibly win?
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It depends on the state you live in. If you live in California and the injury occured at work an you then were in an accident yes you can apply for workman comp as long as you reported the injury to the proper personnel the date the injury occured.

How much is a Psyche Injury combined with Fibromyalgia Worth?

Nothing, if you can't prove that work caused this.

Is it MORE likely that a back injury causes Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis?

It can certainly be involved in the formation of osteoarthritis.

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what is average copensation for detached retina and nasal septoplasty surgery fro workers comp

Do you lose your right to sue if you collect workmens compensation?

If your employer offers WC benefits and you qualify for them, you can never sue for your injury. You never had a "right" to sue.

How long after you are hurt on job do you have to report it?

In general, it should be reported when it happens so that the employers workmens comp insurance can know that you didn't receive the injury at home.

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What injuries may possibly result from these accidents like riding in a motorcycle?

The most common are head injury, leg injury, bike arm's injury, muscle damage and road rash injury.

What type of Laywer need to be hired to handle a workmans compensation case?

You will want to find a credible and ethical injury attorney in your area who has a track record of successfully handing workmens compensation claims.

Auto related workmens comp?

Worker's Comp MAY cover an injury from a motor vehicle accident IF the accident is arising from, and in the course and scope of your employment. It will NOT cover an injury sustained while merely commuting to work. However, someone such as a delivery driver that is hurt while delivering, IS covered.

How does workmens comp pay for injury and hospital bills for a car accident?

It doesn't, unless the accident occurred while the person was driving a company owned vehicle and actually working on the job at the time of the accident.

What causes arthalgia?

Arthralgia is the medical term for joint pain. There are many possible causes for joint pain including arthritis, injury, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus.

How long do you have to be off to collect workmens comp?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no minimum time you have to be absent before you can collect worker's compensation payments, provided you are missing work due to an injury or illness related to working your position.

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Does workmens comp. pay you while you cant work?

every state is different. Typically, after 7 days of not working due to a work related injury then you will receive workers compensaton. 66 2/3 of your weekly pay.

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Is an employee liable to pay for an injury if he or she was horseplaying and caused an injury or is it covered by workmens comp?

The employee who instigated the "horse-play" will probably be held personally responsible for any injury or damage claim. WCI only applies to injuries incurred when the employee is performing regular job related duties. The injured person can file a lawsuit to recover medical and any other expenses caused by the person who started the rough-housing.

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If you were exposed to a diesel spill on your land not cleaned up you have muscle pain stiffness fatigue dx as fibromyalgia now your husband daughter have same symptoms is it related to spill?

Unfortunately, we do not yet know what causes fibromyalgia.However, this isn't to suggest that nothing is known about what causes fibromyalgia. The problem, currently, is that there is no consensus among experts. For example:Some believe that fibromyalgia follows a traumatic experience, one that is stressful and puts a strain on a person, physically or emotionally.Some believe there is a connection between fibromyalgia and repetitive injuries.Some believe it is linked with an illness. For instance, fibromyalgia is not uncommon among people already diagnosed and being treated for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or other autoimmune diseases.Some believe that abnormal levels of Substance P in spinal fluid play a part. Substance P is a nerve transmitter that helps send and amplify pain signals to and from the brain.Some believe that fibromyalgia is not necessarily brought on by anything neither trauma, illness, or injury - it just simply develops.Presumably, as more is uncovered about fibromyalgia, more will be learned about its underlying causes.

What happens when your injured when you already have fibromyalgia?

Often people with Fibromyalgia find that hey heal slower than healthy people. If you sustain an injury make sure to have it checked out by a Dr and follow their orders. Do as much as you can to rest the injured area and allow for healing. The more stress you experience the harder it will be to heal. Make sure to follow a good diet and a regular routine. If needed, you may want to seek out physical therapy to help you regain strength and learn how to properly use your body to avoid further injury.

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