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1) Generally it is very difficult to shift income to a child. 2) Why shift capital gain income anyway, it's the same rate for everyone? 3) Primary residences are exempt from gains, unless something like a million $. 4) Any tax, especially on sale of a residence, can depend much on what you do with the proceeds, and the reason for the sale.

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Q: Can a single parent and child jointly own a home to lower capital gains taxes?
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What will be the 2007 earned income credit amount per child?

Income eligibility guidelines for 2007 tax year are: * Families with one child ($33,241 single parent) * Families with one child ($35,241married filing jointly) * Families with two or more children ($37,783 single parent) * Families with two or more children ($39,783 married filing jointly) * Single workers without children ($12,590) * Married workers without children ($14,590) * Investment Income Limit: $2,900 or less

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Yes. Marital status of a non custodial parent has no bearing on the amount of child support he or she is required to pay.

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Single fathers have no rights to see their child until approved by a court. see links below

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It can take up to 6 months to receive tax money if filing jointly or if filing single it can take up to 10 weeks

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possibly but it really depends on the parent and how much attention he/she pays to the child They can do very well, I have been a single parent for thirteen years and both my daughters are at college and university.

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child services would not let the parent have their kid back because that kid could die because of their parents

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About 80%

Will child support be based on my new husband's income?

A spouse who is not the biological or adopter parent of a child is not responsible for child support. However, if the non obligated spouse shares a bank account or other jointly owned property with the obligated parent he or she can be financially affected. If the situation is in regard to child support being amended because a parent has remarried and his or her financial situation has greatly increased, the court might take that into account regarding the amount the obligated parent is paying.

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Although all children (unless they are cloned) have two parents, (a father and a mother); a child with only one parent that is currently raising them is called a single parent child.

Advantages and disadvantages of single parent family?

advantages: 1 kids are usually more independent 2 kids appreciate having luxuries because of less money than surrounding 2 parent families disadvantages: 1 harder for parent to manage child(ren) 2 if multiple children, one child sometimes has responsibilities of a parent to look after younger sibling 3 if child is of opposite sex of single-parent, the child doesn't have a same-sex role model as needed

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