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Can a slight gap between the front two teeth be closed without braces?

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2012-04-30 19:00:14
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That was a good idea rubber band slight pressure

But that takes time want something really fast?

Read ahead

Get toilet paper doesnt really work with anything else but u can try :] Put it over the gap

get ur tongue and sooth the flap in the back down after that put ur lips over it and suck back




If you're looking for more of a permanent fix, you can have a general dentist fill in the space using a restorative material. It will may be about 60-70 bucks, but its a one time painless procedure that that lasts a lot longer than rubber bands and toilet paper!


YES, you can get non latex elastic bands from to close your teeth gap. It costs only $19.99. It closes gap in less than a month but You have to wear it for 2 to 3 months for permanent result. Way cheaper and faster than braces.

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You can fix a slight overbite with a retainer. Speak with your dentist about options to getting braces for an overbite.

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Yes. There may be slight to severe pain when your braces are tightened. The amount of pain depends on how much tightening is done.

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When I got my braces taken off, it wasn't very painful. There was some slight pain, but nothing serious. I personally didn't think that it hurt too bad. I only had braces on my top teeth, so I don't know about bottom braces.

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not possible surgery and braces is a must otherwise get orthopedics and do Pilates...

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