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Yes the vibration of molecules (heat) gets transmitted from one molecule to its neighbors and thus heat is conducted in all materials solids and liquids and gases alike. In the case of a solid the molecules that vibrate more (are hotter) cannot move as freely as in liquids and gases but they do bump into neighbors and share their energy (transfer heat).

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Can gold conduct heat and electricity?

Yes. Gold is, in fact, a conductor (a material that conducts electricity), and all solid matter can conduct flows of thermal energy (heat).

Elements that do not conduct electricity or heat and are brittle?

Non-metals are elements that do not conduct electricity or heat very well. When solid these items are usually also very brittle.

Why do conductors conduct heat and insulators do not conduct heat?

In conductors there are free electrons they conduct heat while insulator do not have free electrons so they can not conduct heat.

What are the 2 things for heat to conduct from one solid to another?

there are actually 3 principles buy which heat is transfered. Conduction Convection Radiation

Does diamond conduct heat?

Yes it does conduct heat.

Does phosphor conduct heat?

Which Metals Conduct Heat

Can titanium conduct heat?

can titanium conduct heat

Can krypton conduct heat?

It does conduct heat and electricity.

Does a teapot conduct heat?

can a teapot conduct heat

What is a nonconducting solid?

Depends on what you are wanting to conduct - heat or electricity. However the best non- conducting solid I can think of today for BOTH of those is wood

Does silicon conduct electricity when solid?

Yes, Silicon does conduct electricity when it is a solid.

Does vacuum conduct heat?

No because there is nothing to conduct heat

Does sodium chloride conduct heat?

yes it does conduct heat

Can rubidium conduct heat?

Rubidium can conduct heat and electricity.

Does germanium conduct heat?

Germanium is a metal that does conduct heat, but does not conduct heat as well as other metals. This makes it a semiconductor.

Does rubber conduct heat?

No, interestingly enough most solids that don't conduct electricity don't conduct heat either. Rubber does not conduct electricity so it doesn't conduct heat.

Which metals do not conduct heat?

All metals conduct heat. Some of them conduct it better than others, but there aren't any that don't conduct heat at all.

Can nickel chloride conduct electricity and is it a liqiuid or a solid?

it does conduct as a solution but not as a solid x ;)

How well does styrofoam conduct heat?

it does conduct heat it makes sure that no heat gets in

Does acrylic conduct heat?

Acrylic does not conduct heat very well.

Which meterial not conduct the heat?

Non-metals tend to not conduct heat

Do metals not conduct heat well?

Metals conduct heat and electricity well, in fact that is one of the main defining features of a metal. So in short, no, they do not not conduct heat well, they DO conduct heat well.

Does plastic conduct heat?

Yes, some.Plastics are all poor conductors compared to metal and glass, but particularly the solid ones will conduct some heat.Foamed plastics like styrofoam will be a really poor conductor of heat, but even there some will get through.No it can't

Does calcium bromide conduct electricity?

Calcium bromide is an ionic solid, in the solid state it does not conduct electricity. Solutions do conduct, as does the melt.

Can solid sodium chloride conduct elcetricity?

Solid sodium chloride doesn't conduct electricity.

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