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If the income resulted from property or an investment before the marriage occurred. Inheritances are considered separate property regardless of when they were conferred.

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Q: Can a spouse domiciled in Ohio keep separately earned income to oneself?
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Is lottery winnings considered separately earned income?

I don't believe ther is anything called seperatly earned income...and have no idea what you think it is. Lottery, or gambling, or any of those types of income are considered and taxed as ordinary income.

Can I get the Earned Income tax credit if I file Married Filing Separately?

The Earned Income Credit can't be claimed if you file Married Filing Separately.It can be claimed by all other filing status (Single, Married Filing Jointly, Head of Household, Qualifying Widow/er).For more information, go to for Topic 601 (Earned Income Credit). Also go to for Publication 596 (Earned Income Credit).

Is salary an earned income?

Yes any income that you work for would be earned income.

Is annuity income earned income?

No, earned income has to come from wages or self-employment.

Are unemployment benefits earned income?

Unemployment benefits is considered unearned income. You get the benefits based on earned income. Since you are not working, it is not earned income.

Can you claim Earned Income Credit on unemployment?

No, you are not entitled to claim the earned income credit on unemployment. You must have earned income. Unemploymnet is considered unearned income

Can you get earned income back if you are on workerscomp?

NO workers compensation for an on the job injury is not qualified taxable earned income for the earned income credit.

What is considered earned income for retired social security recipients?

is gambling income earned income

What portion of total income earned by Americans is unearned income or income other than earned income?


What is assessable income?

Income earned

Can you receive tax refund if you have no income?

no you may not If you have no earned income, you would not qualify for the earned income credit.

Can you get earned income credit if you didn't work?

No. You have to have qualified earned income worked for. Self employment income that you worked for.

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