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Only if he adopts the child and he and the other parent later separate/divorce.

There may be some variable for interpretation here. If he's the child's only parental influence, and the father is unknown, a judge may order it, along with all the rights of a father.

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Q: Can a stepfather be forced to pay child support in Illinois?
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Can a stepfather be forced to pay child support in Oregon?

Depending on circumstances, yes. see my profile

If there was never any court-ordered child support is the biological father of a child responsible for child support if the child is adopted by his stepfather?

In general, no.

Does a stepfather have to pay child support for a child who's biological father is paying already?

no (whether or not the biological father is paying support)

Can a child get social security from a dead stepfather and child support from biological father at the same time?


If you are forced to give up your parental rights in the state of Illinois can you be forced to pay child support?

In most cases the court has the power to permanently terminate parental rights but require the parent(s) to pay all or partial support of the minor child/children. Cases are adjudicated on an individual basis.

Is child support a civil judgment?

In Illinois, each child support payment is a civil judgment.

Do child support warrants expire in Illinois?

No. They do not.

What are the Child support laws in Illinois?

A child support law in Illinois requires the non-custodial parent to purchase a percentage of their net income child support. The rates are 20% for 1 child, 28% for 2 children and 32% for 3 children.

In the state of Illinois will child support end when a child gets pregnant?


Can a mother who is being diagnosed with bipolar disorder be forced to pay child support?

The only way a mother can be forced to pay child support in any state, is if she does not have primary custody of the child. If the child or children live primarily with the father, then the mother can be made to pay child support.

If a child is adopted by stepfather does biological father still pay child support?

The biological father may only stop paying child support under one of the following four circumstances: Death of the child; the child turns 18 and decides not to pursue higher education; the child quits or graduates higher education; or the biological father is found not to be the "true" father. So, if a stepfather adopts them, more than likely, the biological will still be responsible for child support.

What is the age limit for child support in Illinois?


Do I have to pay child support from my pension in Illinois?


Is there a statute of limitations for collecting child support in Illinois?


If a child becomes pregnant in Illinois do you have to continue paying child support?


Can a non custodial parent be forced to visit his child?

If you live in the US.... No. A non-custodial parent can be forced to pay child support, but they cannot be forced to visit.

What happens to child support if you move from Illinois to Tennessee?

Such a move will not change the amount of support owed. Illinois will likely ask Tennessee to register the support order.

Can child support be obtained in divorce for college student in Illinois?

Not exactly. In Illinois, child support cannot be ordered past the age of majority but "education support" can be. One or even both parents may be ordered to pay education support, based on the child's academic expenses. Education support must also be ordered by a judge, separately from a child support order.

How can i close my child support case.?

I want him to take care of his child on his own not be forced.

Can an inheritance be used to determine child support in Illinois?

No, as it is not income.

What is the age limit to pay child support in Illinois?


What is the Definition of child labour?

child labour is just forced to work against their will to support the family economicallythe definition of child labour is when a child is forced to work for little or no money. its mean.

In Illinois if your child quits school do you still have to pay child support?

Yes, a child dropping out of school has no bearing on child support. Depending on what your divorce decree says regarding child support, it normally terminates when the child turns 18.Ê

Will your child's step-mom have to pay child support if father is unemployed in Illinois?

No, and he should get a modification

Does a father have to pay child support after relinquishing his rights in Illinois?

Yes, unless the child is adopted.