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Yes. Most companies let you. You just have to advise them that you are going away and your calls to your college area from your college area from you cell phone will be local. The people calling you will pay long distance.

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Q: Can a student keep the same cell number when going away to college?
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What are good college freshman going away gifts?

The best gift to give a student going away to college would be a practical one. Depending on your price range, you can give anything from a shower caddy filled with the student's favorite soaps and shampoo to a laptop computer. Be sure to give something that the student will be able to use while there.

What do you call a place where a college student lives?

Campus. When a student decides to "go Greek" (become member of a student sorority or fraternity) he or she will live in a Frat House.

Do college basketball athletes parents get into games free?

Yes. A student athlete in football gets four tickets to home and away games to give away to whomever they want.

Where can you find an example of a speech to a best friend who is going away to college?

You might be able to find an example of a speech to a friend who is going away for college by checking with a speech and debate department in your school or college. The speech and?ædebate instructor would also be able to help you to find this type of speech.?æ

How could a college student begin to invest money?

You can begin by not incurring debt, stay away from credit cards unless it's an emergency and you can pay it off right away. Invest in capital investments.

Protect Your Child at College with Student Health Insurance?

Do you have a child that is going away to college or is currently a student at a university? If so, your child may no longer be covered under your health insurance policy. Check with your provider when your child turns 18 to see if your child is still covered under your health insurance plan, as many health care providers consider the age of 18 as an adult. If you need to purchase health care coverage for your child, ask the college if they offer student health insurance. Most colleges offer insurance to students at a very reasonable rate.

What do you think of becoming friends with benefits with a boyfriend where the breakup was mutual because you were going away to college?

what ever makes you happy.

What should you make your best friend who is going away to college?

Take them out for a nice leavers meal, then spend as much time as you can with them!

What is a pronoun for Samuel?

The pronoun that takes the place of the proper noun Samuel (normally a name for a male) is he as a subject and him as an object in a sentence.example:This is my brother Samuel. Heis a student at college. I miss him when he is away.

What to put in a care package for a friend who is going away?

depending on what your friend likes and where they are going. I f they are going to college then maybe put some snacks, hygiene items, or maybe books too. what ever they may like or need.

Are parents liable if their 20 year old college student gets in a crash while away at college driving a car registered to the parents?

The the child has the car, than the child should be on the parents, or whoever owned the car, insurance. This is required in all states.

When going to college in a different state do you have to get a license for the new state?

No. If you remain a permanent resident of your home state, you can keep that license while you are away at school.

What are advantage and disadvantage of using multimedia mobile in college?

an advantage is that its fun to do but the disadvantage is that your either going to have it taken away if you use it in class or ..... well thats it

When combining subaccounts the contact data for the subaccount that is going away is destroyed along with the subaccount name number?


What do you do when you like a guy and he likes you but your going away for 2 month?

give him ur number so you can stay in touch

What percent of teens move away to college?

Teens can't wait to get away from there parents and go away from college. A little more than half of students go to a college that is more than fifty miles from home.

If you are a senior in high school and the guy you like is a freshman in college 3 hours away and you are going to that college next fall is it a good idea to start a relationship now?

Do what you want. I don't think that going to the same college is a good idea though (if that's the ONLY reason why you chose that school). My sister was going to transfer to back to CA and they broke up a few days later...luckily she stayed where she is

What unusual kindness does the college student show griffin in black like me?

He walked Griffin to a theater 2 miles away from his home and offered to walk him back. When Griffin offered to buy him a ticket and asked the student to join him the student refused and said he had to get back to his studies. But he said he would be glad to pick up Griffin after the film. Grifffin was stupified.

What are some reasons college students drop their classes?

College students might drop their classes because:the subject seems too hardthe student has no interestthe student signed up for the wrong classthe student was wrongly advised to take the classthe student doesn't get along with the professorthe student fears another student in the class (ex. an ex-boyfriend)the student has gone to classes all along but after two weeks of being ill, has fallen behind and can't catch upthe student lost her child's babysitterthe student got pregnant and can't continue schooling right nowthe student's job hours changed and conflicts with the class timethe student has other conflictsthe student is "stressed out"the student has lost his / her self-confidencethe student is withdrawing from all classes; dropping outthere's been a crisis, such as a death in the familythere's been an unexpected opportunity, such as the opportunity to go overseasa job offer comes but it requires the student to movethe student is moving away or out of Statethe military has called the enlisted student to deploy to warthe student decides to enter the militarythe student is put on probation for some infractionthe student has been expelledthe student is now in jailthe student has been injured or... died.

Neighbors-who is going to be washed away?

The person that is going to be washed away is Brigette! :O

How do I get a student loan without parental consent if I do not turn 18 until September of my freshman year in college. I have good grades and deserve to go away to college but am not allowed?

Contacting a financial advisor at the college you would like to go to (or are accepted into) is the best way to start. In some circumstances allowances will be made if parents are unwilling, or unable to assist with the financial costs of college.

If your eighteen year old daughter is just now getting her driver's license and is going away to college in 2 months do you have to add her to you insurance when she will not even be driving you car?

No, you can exclude her, or let the insurance carrier know she is away at college. In most cases you can add her back on the policy whenever she returns to visit.

When canker sores are big does that mean that they are going away?

No, when canker sores are going away the pain lessens.

I'm a sophomore and I am in love with my best friend but he's going to college Should I tell him how I feel?

I don't see why not. I mean, college isn't forever or so far away that a relationship couldn't be maintained in some meaningful way.

The Most Education for the Cost?

The overall cost of higher education is skyrocketing. Tuition at four-year universities has more than doubled in the past several years. Of course, not attending college or university is completely unacceptable, but how can a prospective student afford to go? The local community college is the answer.If any parent or incoming student does some homework and compares tuition costs between community colleges and universities, the results are eye-opening. The average cost across the nation for a full year of tuition and fees at a community college is just $2,076, compared to $5,100 at a public, four-year university and a whopping $20,081 at private, four-year universities. These statistics are taken from the College Board.A wise approach to achieving a quality education for much less is to attend a community college for two years, then transfer to a four-year university. As shown in the previous tuition figures, this could save the student a bundle of money.Most public universities have articulation agreements with local community colleges. This means that the university guarantees that most, if not all, of the community college credits will transfer when the student carries these credits with him to enroll in the university. For example, the University of Texas -- Pan American in Edinburg, Texas has an articulation agreement with South Texas College, located eight miles away in McAllen. Many local student who otherwise just could not stand the cost or debt incurred by going all four years to UTPA chose to go to STC first and cut their overall college cost virtually in half.Another option is for four-year university students to take summer classes at a community college. Doing so can save the student hundreds of dollars in tuition and fees.Let us say that a student wants to enroll in college, but she is completely uncertain what course of study in which to major. Going to a community college is the smart spenders way to take several courses, discover a true interest and find a major without undue cost.For any student who is thrifty, and who is not these days, the community college is the clear choice where to begin higher education.