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Not if it is something minor, such as a misspelled name, transposed number, etc.

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Q: Can a ticket be dismissed if information was incorrectly entered by the officer?
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What if a speeding citation is not signed by the officer or the person receiving the citation?

Neither may be required. If the officer's signature is required then the citation may be dismissed. You should contact the court listed on the citation for information .

If an officer does not put a charge on the citation can it be dismissed in court?

it can be discharged

What happens if you go to court for traffic tickect and your issuing officer is not there?

If the officer does not appear when required, the citation is usually dismissed. But the officer is not always required.

Officer wrote that your car was green on the ticket but its black and on the regristration it says black can this be dismissed?

The important question is whether the incident documented by the police officer actually happened. If it happened, and the officer merely made a mistake on the color of the car, you cannot get the ticket dismissed.

What happens when a police officer fails to show up for court?

The charges are dismissed.

Does a ticket get dismissed if the officer doesn't appear in court in New Jersey?

As far as i know, if the officer who wrote the ticket doesnt show up to your court date, the fine as well as the points of the ticket are dismissed, its as if you never were pulled over.

What is The Public Information Officer nims?

The Public Information Officer

What can happen to an officer who conducts Police brutality?

If it is proven, then he could be suspended , or transfered or in a rare case dismissed.

Should a police officer who accepts a free meal from a restaurant owner be dismissed from the force?

I would say no

Can you have your speeding ticket dismissed if the highway patrol officer put the incorrect speed on the ticket?

It is unlikely to be dismissed. In many cases officers will put a lower speed on the ticket just to be nice.

How well do police officer meet the criteria of probable cause before taking action with regard to criminal activity?

Very well. If the officer does not have probable cause then the case will be dismissed and the officer open to a lawsuit.

What is the public informational officer?

The Public Information Officer

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