Can a trailer be taken that is attached to a truck being repossessed?


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They can only take whatever it is they have an order of repossession for - if the trailer is not included in their order of repossession, they cannot take it.

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If they only have an order of repossession of the truck, then no. Otherwise, the trailer and backhoe would be considered stolen.

For example, if you have not fully paid for the item and it is being repossessed, then it may be taken. You do have the right to force anyone off your property if it is privately owned fully by you.

Absolutely. If your car is in repo status, it can be taken, anytime, anywhere.

The only way you can have your car repossessed would be to not make any payments. If you have taken out a loan and have not made payments, they will take your car away.

No. A trailer has to have it's own insurance policy.

yes, however they can only take you to court for the total intrest.

Yes, and many people do object to their vehicles being repossessed, before and after the repossession. Unfortunately, your objection will have little effect. If you are delinquent or in default on your loan, and the vehicle was used to secure the loan, the vehicle will be repossessed. There are few legal options available to you to avoid this aside from paying the loan current.

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To determine how long one will have to be delinquent on a loan before a car is repossessed depends entirely on where the loan was taken from. Different places allow different payback requirements.

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Of course not! It wasn't stolen or wrecked, it was taken from you for failure to pay on the loan!Be sure to cancel the insurance.

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In California your car can be taken 1 second after midnight the day after your payment is due. If you do not comply with one of the requirements of the loan, things like insurance and the like, the car can be taken with out notice.

Not current, but as an asset, it can be attached for arrears.

It's negotiable. Usually it'll be based on the load value and the distance it's being taken, plus additional charges for driver load, driver/lumper unload, tarping, etc.

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They typically get taken to a secure location owned by the repo company. Once the lender has handled all the legal notifications it would be sent to an auto auction that the lender uses.

They usually take them to auction after a brief storage period either at the collection agencies or lending institutions yard.

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