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You will need to speak to a medical professional about this as your doctor will have all of your case notes and relevant medical history.

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Can tubal reversal be done on the NHS?

Yes, a tubal reversal can be done on the NHS. The NHS will cover almost anything health-related.

What is fimbrioplasty I had a tubal ligation with the fimbriae removed and a reversal done 12 years later. Can I still have children?

Reconstructive or corrective surgery on the fimbria of a damaged or blocked fallopian tube. In the female reproductive system, the fimbria (female reproductive system) is a fringe of tissue near the ovary leading to the Fallopian tube. If the procedure is successful and your ovaries are in tact, you could conceive

Does Scott and white health plan cover tubal reversal?

Does scott anf white health pkan cover for a tubal reversal if I was forsed to have the tubal done

Had tubal reversal done TEN MONTHS ago not pregnant yet why not?

I got my tubal reversal 8 months ago and i'm still not pregnant why?

What is the cost of a tubal ligation reversal in Alberta?

A tubal ligation reversal will vary in cost depending on the doctor's and hospital fees you have this surgery done at. Check with the insurance company, they may pay for some of it.

What is the cheapest tubal reversal price?

It costs about 700, my mom had it done, wanted a second child

Can a tubal reversal be done in Tasmania?

I am actually wondering if Tubal ligation reversal can be done in Tasmania too. I am hoping to have mine reversed but can't seem to find any info for down here. I also don't know what the first step is I should take.

What does a reversal of a tubal ligation cost?

The cost depends on where you go to have the reversal done. Believe it or not, the most experienced surgeons charge the least amount (about $7000.00).

Do HMO cover tubal reversal?

okay i had a tubal legation in January but every since i had it done I've been bleeding badly even after my follow up and i want it undone

Can a person have a reversal done if they got their tubes burned?

Probably. It depends upon how much of your tubes were burned and how much damage was done. I had my tubes cut and burned...and ultimately had a reversal. I ended up with 4 & 5 centimeters left after the Tubal Reversal, and am currently pregnant and due in 5 weeks!

Can you get a tubal reversal done in the dominican republic?

Yes you can, I had mine done in June 2011 and I started trying for a baby in December 2011 and on February 2012 I had a positive pregnancy test. :)

Will Medicaid pay for tubal reversal in Texas?

No they will not cover a reversal, but will cover another ligation if you have a reversal done. Tricky there they want you to not be able to have more kids, so they dont end up paying for them. I sincerely doubt it, contact them and ask, but cannot imagine that they would.

Is it possible to have a tubal ligation reversed if your tubes have been cut and tied?

AnswerIt depends on how much of the tube was damaged during the tubal ligation. A reversal doctor would be able to look at your post-op reports and tell you what you chances for a successfull reversal are.nothing was wrong with my tubes when I had it done they done it at the time of a c-section I would like to know how possible is it to have it all reversed

Had a tubal done 4 years ago an want to get pregnant without having a tubal reversal?

your chances of becoming pregnant with out a tubal reversal are slim to none. I know its not the answer you were hoping for but its the truth. tubaligations are considered permanant birth control. some times your bady can self heal itself. but again that is not very likely. it has happened but the percentage is very low. your other optin would be ivf.

What is the success rate for becoming pregnant after a salpingostomy tubal reversal?

Whilst the procedure is successful in up to 95-98% the chances of becoming pregnant are some times considerably lower than normal.I found you a link (See below related link) they explain:Most of our patients become pregnant after tubal reversal. Our pregnancy statistics show that approximately 70% of all patients will report pregnancy. The success rate can be as high as 90% depending on the type of tubal ligation and age of the patient. In comparison, IVF pregnancy success is on average 30-35% for each IVF cycle.The tubal ligation is considered a permanent solution but it is mainly a question of cost to have this "repaired". They say that it depends on the exact procedure done to start with.Fertility clinics in Denmark say that a reversal as in cutting off the burned ends and stitching together is a solution but will often form scar-tissue that still blocks passage of the eggs. This to be understood so that the procedure may be successful but with time, the scar-tissue may grow and block passage within few years.The cost of tubal ligation reversal at the leading center here in the United States is about $6000. Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has also completed the largest study on pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery. The name of the study is called Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Report 2009. In this study data was collected on over 5000 tubal reversal patients. Not only did the study reveal that the pregnancy rates are higher with tubal reversal than with the alternative treatment of IVF but also less expensive. The great thing with tubal reversal surgery is that if the couple decides they want more than one child after after the procedure there is no added medical intervention needed.Tubal reversal success depends on the type of ligation originally performed, your age at the time of the reversal as well as the experience the surgeon performing the procedure has.

What procedures can you get done to get pregnant after your tubes were burned?

You have two choices. First, you could get a tubal reversal. You would need to get a copy of your operative report and find out how much of your tubes were burned. Then fax this to a tubal reversal expert and they can tell you whether you are a candidate for a reversal. If not then your second choice would be IVF. They would remove eggs from your ovaries, fertilize them with the sperm of your choice :) and then place the embryos in your uterus. Sounds easy, but its involves lots of meds and money.

Is there any way to get pregnant with your tubes tied without having the reversal surgery done?

It is possible to get pregnant naturally after having had a tubal ligation. Your chances are approximately 1.4-2%.

What is the only hundred percent effective method of birth control?

Abstinence. A woman who has had a hysterectomy (uterus removed) or oophorectomy (ovaries removed), stands zero chance of conceiving. Even a tubal ligation (for a woman ) or a vasectomy (for a man) has a small failure rate from either a poorly done procedure or self reversal by the cut, tied and burned tubes reconnecting.

How much does a reversal tubal costs?

In the UK i think it costs around £2000. not sure i guess it depends who you go to to have this done and if it can be done, as i think i heard that if the tubes have been tied for a long time ,it cant be reversed. jen

Can a woman have a tubal insemination done after a tubal ligation?

Do you mean intrauterine insemination? With this procedure, semen/sperm is placed inside the uterus by a small flexible catheter that goes into the vagina and through the cervix. Tubal ligation involves blocking the fallopian tubes, making it nearly impossible for an egg to reach the uterus, and also nearly impossible for the sperm to meet the egg. So intrauterine insemination would not be helpful after a tubal ligation. The two options for pregnancy after tubal ligation are IVF or tubal reversal.

Can you do exercise after get tubal done?


Can you try invitro even though your tubes are tied burned and cut?

i decided to re marry after my ex had pasted away! my husband now is wanting to have children. i had my tubal done 10 years ago as of march 16 2009. i was wondering if a reversal can be done!

What is tubal liagation?

Tubal ligation is an outpatient surgery that prevents future pregnancies and renders a female sterile. Most tubal ligation surgeries are done laproscopically.

Can the essure birth control coil be removed?

According to the literature, no. The surgery would require removal of part of the fallopian tubes, therefore rendering them useless in getting pregnant. That's why this is a permanent form of birth control. Yes, it can be done and has been by at least two tubal reversal doctors. Check out this URL to see what I mean:

Can you recover effectively from a tubal ligation reversal?

"Yes, you can, and recovery is generally very quick. The surgery is done in an out-patient setting, with a small incision above the hairline, and repair is done quickly. There may be some minor pain medication prescribed, but the procedure is minor and recovery time is usually short."

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