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If you mean a tubal pregnancy, unfortunately it cannot. If you mean a "test tube" baby, yes it can.


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A fetus can not grow in the tube, only in a uterus.

First the egg and sperm are united in a test tube, and then both are put in the womens uterus, for the next nine months.

The term "test tube baby" does not refer to a baby that is kept in a test tube - babies are much too large to fit into test tubes, even aside from the fact that there is no reason to put a baby into a test tube. The term refers to the origin of the baby. If a zygote is produced by in vitro fertilization (rather than by sexual intercourse) then if that zygote is implanted in a womb and grows to become a baby, it qualifies as a test tube baby.

no because baby's can not be put but in birthplace that is crazy.

In short: Several eggs are extracted from the female and sperm is gathered from the male. The eggs are put in a petri dish and the sperm added to that. The resulting embryos are grown in petri dishes until they are either placed in a uterus or frozen for later use.

A tubal ligation is supposed to be a permanent solution. You can try a test tube baby where the fertilized egg is put inside the uterus by a doctor. Or you can try for a reversal. The risk for ectopic pregnancies is very big though.

Then the doctors put a tube directly into the bladder through your stomach, a urostomy. You will have a bag on the outside or just a tube that you have to empty yourself regularly.

Then the doctors put a tube directly into the bladder through your stomach, a urostomy. You will have a bag on the outside or just a tube that you have to empty yourself regularly.

Something put in the uterus is described as "intrauterine," such as an IUD (intrauterine device).

I would not, if it becomes septic and has to be removed it could put your baby at risk. Get it out before you get pregnant.

A females body prepares itself for holding a baby by collecting blood with in the uterus, a body part that is connected to the vagina. If no pregnancy accurs, the body pushes the blood out of the uterus and it flows out of the vagina, thus the female is on her period. This process is so the body can put more blood into the uterus that is fresh for another chance at pregnancy.

Put something slippery on the tube.

A PITO tube is used to measure airspeed of the plane. The covers are put over the tubes when the aircraft is going to be on the ground for an extended period of time, and are removed before takeoff. They are there to prevent tube blockages, leading to airspeed failure, which (and it has happened) could mean a possible accident.

One unborn baby is called a fetus. More than one unborn baby in one mother's uterus are called fetuses. At the moment a fetus is born it is called a neonate-- or more commonly put, it is called a "baby" or "infant". But until it is born, it is a fetus.

you could put honey or something sweet it likes on the tip of the bottle and see if he will take it [: or get the vet to use a tube.

Sometimes when people cannot breath for themselves (because of illness, an accident, or during an operation) a tube is put in their mouths and down to their throat which allows medical equipment to breathe for them. This process is called intubation. When this tube is removed the process is call extubation.

a crocodile tube is a tube that has spikes around and a person is put inside the tube while the spikes digs in the flesh

Then put videos on u tube. How do u bcome famous tho?

Spaying of female dogs involves surgical removal of the ovaries, and uterus, to ensure that no unwanted pups are had.Because these organs are removed, it means that they can not be put back at a later date.So no, spaying can not be reversed.No. When a dog is spayed, the uterus and ovaries are completely removed from her body. It is the same operation that in women is called a complete hysterectomy. Since her reproductive organs are removed, she can no longer have puppies, and there is no way to get those organs back.Being spayed is generally much healthier for the dog.

you put the hydrochloric acid in a test tube then you put the magnesium metal in the test tube with the hydrochloric acid in it then you put a cork on the top ofthe test tube and watch it fizz.

ps it take a while to up load

the test tube put in the test tube rack so that we can observe the chemical subtance in the test tube

when you put a chip pan fire out oxyegen heat and FUEL is removed

The fire's access to oxygenit has removed the oxygen.

There is a kink put in the tube which carries the mercury up the thermometer, that is why it needs to be shaken to send it back to the bulb

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