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can a vaginal ultrasound miss a early pregnancy

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Is it possible that an ultrasound could miss a 17 week pregnancy?

I highly doubt it...here is a website that has a picture of a baby at week 17... http://www.3dpregnancy.com/calendar/17-weeks-pregnant.html

When in pregnancy can you see how far along you are?

Yes, with an ultrasound. As soon as you miss a period you know you are 4 weeks pregnant.

Can an ultrasound miss a pregnancy?

Very, very early - possibly. After a week or so, no. Not if the machine and tech are both competent.

Is it possible not to detect a 3 month pregnancy on ultrasound?

It is absolutely impossible not to see SOMETHING on an ultrasound at 3 months pregnant. Pregnancies are most commonly confirmed without question at around 8 weeks pregnant. So, given the ultrasound is done by a qualified technician, there is no way you could miss a pregnancy that is 3 months along.

How do you say i miss you my baby in German?

I miss you my baby = ich vermisse dich Baby I miss you my baby = du fehlst mir Baby

When can you know about the pregnancy?

When you miss a period and take a pregnancy test.

How far along are you in your pregnancy when you miss your first period?

that's when u find out your pregnant so that's in the first week of your baby growing

If you are 11 weeks pregnant and had a ultrasound and saw nothing on the ultrasound does it mean you are going to miss carry?

The first trimester of a pregnancy lasts up until week 12. If you are 11 weeks pregnant and you have a competent sonographer, there is NO WAY you could miss seeing an intrauterine pregnancy (a normal pregnancy inside the uterus). If you had an ultrasound and the sonographer didn't see anything (even as early as 5 or 6 weeks you should see a gestational sac) then you have probably miscarried already. Take another pregnancy test with your doctor's guidance. Another scenario that might come up (if your pregnancy test is still positive) is that you might have an ectopic pregnancy (where the egg implanted OUTSIDE of the uterus). This is fairly common but can be a serious disorder. The egg can implant anywhere in the pelvis or abdomen, but if you're 11 weeks along and you're not in a lot of pain, then that's probably unlikely. Go back and talk to your doctor.

27 weeks pregnant with twins is it possible to find another baby?

I suppose it's possible but unlikely with the sophisticated equipment now to detect and monitor foetal movement etc. The ultrasound is unlikely to miss a baby now particularly at this stage.

When do you get a pregnancy test?

After you miss your period.

Can you take a pregnancy test before a miss period?

no u can not take a pregnancy test before a miss period it should be after a missed period

I had an ultrasound and they seen 2 gestational sacs But only one had a baby So i was wondering can ultrsounds miss the other baby or not is the still a good chance i may still have twins?

I had this same thing happen to me yesterday and i was wondering the same thing. they said our baby was 8 weeks 4 days and was perfect but there was another empty sac. is there a way for the baby to be hiding and the ultrasound to not pick it up? if anyone answers this question please e-mail me at laceybug02@hotmail.com thank you.

Are Stomache and headache signs of pregnancy?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

No heartbeat at 9 weeks Can ultrasound miss a heartbeat?

Unfortunately not likely - it should detect the heartbeat by then

How do you say in Czech I love you and miss you baby?

I love you - Miluji tě. I miss you, baby - Chybíš mi, lásko.

What is be considered as a pregnancy-related disability?

It is common for complications of pregnancy to cause mothers-to-be to miss work. Doctors often order bed rest to guard the health of mom and her baby.Any medically driven pregnancy complication that prevents you from performing your normal work duties is typically covered.

What is Miss Kelly's baby called?

the baby is called Liam

What is the phrase 'I miss you baby' when translated from English to French?

I miss you Baby is "tu me manques, bébé" in French.

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