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yes if she has full custody

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Q: Can a unmarried mother take her child out of the UK without the child father's permission?
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Can a mother take a child abroad without the fathers permission?

No. Both parents permission is necessary.

Can a mother put a baby up for adoption without the fathers permission?


Can a mother be charged for kidnapping of a minor child for traveling out of US without a fathers permission?


If unmarried parents never establish custody in Illinois can the mother relocate with the child to a different state without the fathers permission?

Yes, but the father can file an injunction ordering the child be returned to the jurisdiction of the courts. Better to get it approved. see link.

Can a mother move to Scotland from England without the fathers permission?

It depends how old she is and she should at least let him know

Can an unmarried mother in Texas take a baby out of state without the fathers permission?

If the father doesn't have joint custody, then yes. If he does have some sort of custody, probably not. If you went to court, look on the papers or call the court and see how much parental rights he has.

Can a mother take her seventeen year old out of the state of Virginia without the fathers permission?

only if the mother has full custody or if they are married i am pretty sure that is legal.

Can one unmarried parent move to a new town without the natural fathers APPROVAL?

There is no requirement to have approval. As they are not married, the mother has custody. Where she and her child live is up to her.

In texes Can mother leave state with child without fathers consent?

I don't believe the mother can do that in any state. There is an order of how things are supposed to go. The mother must ask the courts permission to go and it must be granted. Fathers do have rights.

Can unmarried mother put child up for adoption without fathers consent?

If the mother is unmarried and the father has never established his paternity that might be possible if the mother claims the father is unknown. If the father knows he has fathered a child he can request a DNA test to establish his paternity through the court. The child could not be adopted without his or the court's consent

Does a mother have the right to leave the state of nh without the fathers permission if no paternity has been established?

I'd say she can unless ordered not to do so.

Can a unmarried mother take a child from Ireland to England without the fathers consent if he has primary custody?

If he has primary custody or even visitation rights, you cannot take his child far enough away that he cannot readily exercise his custody/visitation rights unless he gives you permission to do so.

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