Can a vitiligo affected person take egg?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can a vitiligo affected person take egg?
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A person is an egg white or egg yolk?

nether they are an egg shell

Can a person hatch a chicken egg?

A person can put the egg in an incubator to hatch it.

Klinefelter syndrome can result from?

Klinefelter syndrome can result from errors in cell division of sperm or egg cells. With this syndrome, each of the cells of the person affected will have an extra X chromosome.

How do you look after a goose egg?

The best person to look after a goose egg is a goose. Call a wildlife rehabilitator to take the egg to a proper incubator. Keep the egg as warm as possible, but a towel wrapped around it several times and keep under a warm light.

How long does it take to a egg take?

1-2 hrs. per egg.

Who gets the easter egg the person who saw it or the person who grabbed it?

Depends on how you want to do it. Usually the person who saw it first gets the Easter egg.

How do you take care of a duck egg?

just like you take care of a chicken egg

Did the chicken lay the egg?

a person scared it and it got to egg-cited

Why did the chicken lay an egg?

a person scared it and it got to egg-cited

Is it possible to hatch eggs in 6 hours with modern technology?

Depends on what sort of egg, but basically the development time of an egg will not be affected by outside factors.

What shape can the butterfly egg be?

like an egg shape , your asking the wright person

How the chicken take care of the egg?

They take care of the egg by sitting on it. Intil it's ready to hatch.