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Yes. However, who will be the owner of the policy? The husband would have to sign the application and take the exams.

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Q: Can a wife take out a life insurance on her husband and name herself as the beneficiary and keep that policy in effect after a divorce?
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How can you prevent ex husband from life insurance benefit?

Unless you were ordered by the court, as part of the divorce settlement, to keep your ex-husband as the beneficiary on your life insurance then you can make a change in the beneficiary with your insurance company.

Can my husband remove me from his life insurance and put his girlfriend on it as beneficiary instead?

It depends, sometimes through a divorce the courts force him to have a life insurance policy when there are children involved. Besides that, any insured can change their beneficiary as long as there is an insurable interest.

Does your husband have to be your beneficiary on life insurance?

No. You can have anyone you want be the beneficiary. A trust, church, or any person you choose can be your beneficiary.

In Pennsylvania can a wife purchase a life insurance policy for her husband with herself as beneficiary without his knowledge or signature?

No. You must have the signature of the insured person.

Can husband collect life insurance if wife dies unexpectedly?

If the husband was the named beneficiary of the policy, if the policy was in force at the time of death, and if the cause of death was not excluded by the policy, the general answer is "Yes". If the beneficiary was the estate of the wife, the proceeds are paid to the estate. Then, if the husband was a beneficiary of the estate (either by virtue of a Will naming him as beneficiary, or if no Will, through the laws of intestate succession), he may be entitled to all or a part of the insurance proceeds. If the beneficiary of the life insurance policy was someone other than the husband as of the time of the wife's death, proceeds are payable to that person.

Can your ex husband cash in on a life insurance policy on you after 35 years?

If he is showing as the beneficiary on your policy - yes. You can call the insurance company or your agent to change the beneficiary.

Can a husband change his wife as beneficiary of his life insurance policy without notifying her in the state of California?

Yes. The owner of a life insurance policy can change the beneficiary at any time. If there are divorce proceedings or child support involved, these things matters often include court orders preventing the change of beneficiaries.

Can you contest the beneficiary on your husbands life insurance?

No, you can get him to change the beneficiary and then the money that is claimed will be yours if it has been changed by your husband to your name.

Can you have a husband and a child as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

Yes, all life insurance companies allow the policy owner to name more than one beneficiary at any time.

Can an ex-wife maintain a pre-divorce life insurance policy on her ex-husband and receive death benefits if he dies?

In Texas, the decree of divorce voids a beneficiary designation in favor of the insured's ex-spouse, unless the decree provides otherwise. On the other hand the ex-wife can probably maintain an insurance policy she owns on her ex-husband.

In Georgia can an ex wife claim life insurance benefits of deceased ex husband if she is not named as beneficiary?

No. A divorce decree extinguishes any claims the parties have to each other's estates unless some other arrangement is specifically mentioned. If she is not listed as a beneficiary and the insurance proceeds were not made part of the separation agreement then she has no claim whatsoever.

Can you force your husband to give you his life insurance in a divorce?

No - a life insurance can only be payed out on death.

Can ex husband change life insurance?

An ex husband can change his life insurance beneficiary IF there is no court order for him to maintain it as it was during the marriage..from a life agent of 24 years

Can you get life insurance through work on your husband and maintain the policy with you as sole beneficiary after the divorce?

I just re-read the question, if you are already divorced, the answer is no. But you can get a divorce agreement that each of you needs to maintain a life policy for the benefit of the other if there are kids involved. Talk to your lawyer. 4lifeguild

Your sister died and you are trying to collect her insurance benefits her husband was named beneficiary but he died two years ago. what do we do?

Her estate will be the beneficiary of the life insurance. You will have to show the Letter of Authorization from the court to the insurance company. They will issue the check to the estate.

Can a wife have some other than her husband be her life insurance beneficiary in the state of ct?

Sure. The owner of the policy is the only person that can decide who the beneficiary of the life insurance policy is. The owner can also change the beneficiary whenever they want to. This should be standard in every state.

How can second divorced wife collect deceased husbands insurance policy when first deceased wife of husband is still named beneficiary?

In order to ensure that a wife collects her deceased husband's insurance policy, it is beneficial to transfer the beneficiary of the policy while the husband is still alive. If the beneficiary of the policy is also deceased, it would be wise to seek legal help.

If ex husband dies never changing beneficiary does wife still receive the life insurance benefits?

Whoever is the named beneficiary on the policy will collect the death benefit.

Is the first wife entitled to benefits after death of ex husband that remarried?

If so ordered in the divorce, or if the exwife is still listed as the beneficiary.

Can your ex-husband keep a life insurance policy on you?

Yes he can. There are three important factors about an insurance policy. The owner, the insured, and the beneficiary. He can be either the owner or the beneficiary if you signed off on it. I would check to see if you are either of those and if you are the owner then you can cancel the policy. If you are the beneficiary then you would be fine.

Can you claim a life insurance policy on your exhusband?

I don't really understand the question. I assume you mean can you take out a life insurance policy on your husband? The person who is being insured must answer the underwriting questions on the application in person and must sign the application and be witnessed by a third unrelated person. Normally the agent is the witness. An important fact is the owner of the policy. The owner is the person who has complete control of the policy after it is issued. Only the owner can change the address, change the beneficiary, etc. Most of the time the owner is the insured but not always. The beneficiary must have an "insurable interest" at the time the policy is taken out. For instance if a husband is insured and the owner of a life insurance policy. He can make his wife the beneficiary but if they divorce he and only he can change the beneficiary and no notice has to be sent to the former beneficiary.

Who are the participants in a life insurance policy?

There are five basic participants involved in a life insurance contract. # Contract (policy) Owner# Agent# Insured# Primary Beneficiary# Secondary Beneficiary---- The Five Participants: 1. Contract owner The contract owner is the person that actually owns the insurance policy. 2. Agent The insurance company (see notes below) 3. Insured The Insured is the person whose life is being insured. 4. Primary Beneficiary The primary beneficiary is the person who receives the death benefit when the insured dies. 5. Secondary Beneficiary The secondary beneficiary is an alternate beneficiary that will receive the death benefit if the primary beneficiary previously died. ---- An Example: For example, a wife may purchase a life insurance policy on her husband. The wife would be the owner and the husband the insured. She may name their children as the primary beneficiaries. In this case the children, not their mother, would receive the death benefit when their father dies. On the other hand, if the wife had listed herself as beneficiary and the children as the secondary beneficiaries, the wife would receive the death benefit. Then had the husband and wife died together, say - in a car accident; the children, as secondary beneficiaries, would receive the death benefit on the life policy on their father. ---- Notes:There are two parties in an agency relationship: 1. The party being represented - the client 2. The party doing the representing - the agent An insurance agent represents his client - the insurance company. The insurance purchaser is the insurance agent's customer. The purchaser is the client of the insurance company.

What are the odds of the same woman being the beneficiary to three separate life insurance policies?

Actually the odds could be 100% if the woman's husband owned three different life insurance policies naming her as the primary beneficiary for each of the policies. Or, perhaps her parents each owned life insurance policies, as well, and named her as the primary beneficiary.

Can a husband change his life insurance policy from his ex wife to his new wife in the state of OhioIt is stipulated in the dissolution that the ex wife is to remain benificiary any way to change it?

You must keep the life insurance policy that was discussed in the divorce until your ex remarries. But there is nothing to keep you from buying a new policy and making your new wife ITS beneficiary. That has nothing to do with the divorce decree.

Is wife entitled to deceased husband insurance policy if she is not named on it?

If the wife is not named as a beneficiary then she would have no claim on the policy proceeds.