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No, you can get him to change the beneficiary and then the money that is claimed will be yours if it has been changed by your husband to your name.

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Q: Can you contest the beneficiary on your husbands life insurance?
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Related questions

Can you contest a life insurance beneficiary change?

The owner of a life insurance policy has the right to choose the beneficiary. Another person has no power to change that choice.

Do you have to sign your husbands life insurance policy if you are the beneficiary?

No. He has the right to change the beneficiary at anytime if it is not irrivocable. Michael Hartmann

Can family members or bank contest an ex girlfriends who was left as beneficiary to their loved ones life insurance?

No. The proceeds will be paid to the named beneficiary.

I am the second wife my husbands original life insurance policy names his first wife as beneficiary which was never changed can i protest the payout?

You can protest but the insurance company will pay the proceeds to the named beneficiary.

Do you have to have a beneficiary on your health insurance?

In general, no. You only need a beneficiary for life insurance.

Can you have a secondary beneficiary on your life insurance?

Yes, you can have a secondary beneficiary on your life insurance policy. If the primary beneficiary is no longer living when you pass away, the secondary beneficiary would receive the proceeds from your life insurance policy.

Who can legally change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

The Insured can change the beneficiary on a life insurance contract.

Can a claim on your dead husbands estate also include life insurance to spouse?

If the life insurance policy had listed as the beneficiary the spouse only then it is not considered part of the estate and is not subject to claims. If the beneficiary is the estate then it is subject to claims. The only problem with the spouse being the only beneficiary is if she was a party to the claims personally then perhaps she and the proceeds from the life insurance could be subject to these claims.

Does a beneficiary on a life insurance prevail over a will request?

Yes! The beneficiary on a life insurance policy does not have to be included in a will in order to receive the life insurance benefits.

Who receives life insurance the beneficiary or absolute assignee?


Can anyone contest a life insurance if you are not listed as a beneficiary?

No, only the policy owner (usually the insured) can decide who the beneficiary is on a life insurance policy. Life insurance has nothing to do with a will or estate distribution after someone's death. That's why it is imperative to keep the beneficiary section updated constantly based on the life changes; too many people who get divorced forget to update their life insurance beneficiary on the policy and benefit may go to the ex-spouse. Life insurance companies are bound by the contract that is the life insurance policy to only pay the beneficiary specified on the policy. If all beneficiaries specified on the policy are deceased, then the benefit will be paid to insured's estate.

How old does a beneficiary have to be for to receive payment from a life insurance policy?

There is no age restriction for a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

Can the ex wife keep money from life ins if she is named beneficiary on exhusbands insurance?

If I m listed on my ex husbands employee life insurance after 10 years can i keep it. Check was issued to me

Who is the beneficiary for your life insurance?

The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is the person or entity designated by you when you apply for the policy and when it is issued by the insurer.

Is surviving spouse the legal beneficiary of a life insurance policy if a different beneficiary is named?

No, the spouse is not. The beneficiary is named. There are laws that require the spouse to sign an acknowledgement that there is life insurance that she is not the beneficiary of.

Can a lover be a beneficiary in a life insurance?

You can make anyone you want the beneficiary.

Is life insurance taxable?

Life insurance proceeds paid to a beneficiary is not taxable. However, if the life insurance beneficiary is a trust or estate, there may be some tax implications.

Is life insurance consideredpart of the estate?

If the insurance policy owner did not specify a beneficiary or the beneficiary is deceased, then the life insurance proceeds go to the insured's estate.

When referring to life insurance what is the definition of a beneficiary?

When referring to life insurance, a beneficiary is a person specified by the contract holder. This beneficiary will receive the benefits if the primary beneficiary has died at the time the benefit is to be paid.

When talking in life insurance what does contengent mean?

In regards to life insurance, contingent usually means secondary. For example a contingent beneficiary is a secondary beneficiary, not the primary beneficiary. The contingent beneficiary would receive the proceeds from a life insurance policy if the primary beneficiary were not alive when the insured person dies.

Can a Will override the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?


Are you a beneficiary of a life insurance policy?


How do you find out if your in someones life insurance?

how do i get a copy of my husbands life insurance from global insurance

Who collects when there's no beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

who collects the life insurance in a marriage when one spouse dies and theres no beneficiary on file

How much tax is paid by a beneficiary of a life insurance?

A life insurance payout is not taxed.