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Females do not have sperm. Only males have sperm, so, no, it takes a man to get pregnant.

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Did a woman get pregnant with another woman?

No. You need sperm to get pregnant and women only have eggs.

Can woman become pregnant if sperm didnt enter her body?

u probably asked this question because u want to get pregnant

Does a mans penis need to be in a womans vagina for her to get pregnant?

No - sperm are able to travel very far, even if the ejaculate is on the vulva/labia the woman could become pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant by a man an another mans sperm take over?

No. Once the sperm is in the egg no other sperm is allowed in.

Can a woman be pregnant without the contact of sperm?

sperm fertilzes the egg, without sperm no baby... so there is NO way a woman can get pregnant without contact of sperm

Can a lesbian couple get one another pregnant?

No, because a woman requires sperm to fertilize the egg cell. To get pregnant, lesbian couples use a sperm donor.

Can a woman miscarriage twice in one month?

Yes she can. The sperm lives for 3 days in the womans body and after thjat she can be pregnant so yes she could. But it´s rare.

Can male dogs make human female pregnant?

depends on the type of dog and if the woman is able to be fertilized. the dogs penis pushes into the female womans vagina until it reaches the cervix. and the dogs penis grows until it gets stuck behind the womans cervix while he pumps his sperm into her there is a chance the female woman will become pregnant if the sperm mixes with the zygote she will become fertile because she is full of the dogs sperm she will carry the fetuses for three months.

Can a women get pregnant with the sperm in her butt?

NO! a woman can NOT get pregnant with sperm in her butt. the sperm MUST be in the Vagina in order to get pregnant. the only way that she can possibly get pregnant from sperm in her butt is if some of the sperm gets in her Vagina.

Can sperm outside the vagina make a woman pregnant?

No. Sperm inside the vagina will make her pregnant.

Can get pregnant when sperms enter from mouth of woman?

Sperm into mouth will not get you pregnant, only sperm into vagina can do that.

Is drinking sperm of girls harmful for boys?

If you talk about discharge or a womans ejaculation, no unless she has a diseases. No woman have sperm though.

How soon can you woman get pregnant after the sperm hit the vagina?

If the sperm is in the vagina then you can get a girl pregnant. If the sperm only hits the outside then it is not very likely that she will get pregnant.

Can a woman make another woman pregnant?

No, your egg needs to be fertilized by a sperm; something a woman do not produce :)No. Men and women were specifically designed to make children...the men have the sperm, and the women eggs. There is no possible way for girls to make girls pregnant.they will hav to adopt

Can a man carry another man's sperm from one woman to another and can the latter woman get pregnant by this?

It is possible only in a group sex situation. Sperm die after 5 min outside the body. It is still very unlikely.

How does a woman get pregnet?

A man has to stick his penis into her vagina, and release some sperm. And the sperm travles to the womans egg and fertleizes it, and there you go.

Can a woman get pregnant from just getting sperm on her lips?

No, a woman cannot get pregnant from sperm on her lips. Sperm would have to enter the uterus to come into contact with an egg to fertilize and create an embryo.

Do you have to have a man to get pregnant?

In order for a woman to get pregnant, she must have sperm from a man.

Does the man get pregnant like a woman if another man's semen goes inside his rectum?

No. Men cannot get pregnant. An egg and a sperm are needed to get pregnant. Only men have sperm and only women have eggs. The fertilised egg stays in a woman. Only a woman has the ability to maintain a pregnancy by having a womb and other things.

Can you get pregant without sperm?

A sperm must join with an egg for a woman to get pregnant.

Can a yellow watery sperm get a woman pregnant?

If it's sperm then there is a chance yes.

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