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Yes. Everyone feels love. :)

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Q: Can a woman feel love
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Do you love a man or a woman?

Are you asking whether you can feel non-sexual love for either sex? Many people feel such love for their families.

A woman looses her passion what does this mean?

that she doesnt feel the same way about you as she did before she may love you but not be in love with you

How can you fall in love with a woman for the first time?

You feel at comfort and at ease around the person you fall in love with

Can a woman love more than one man my woman said she was in love with someone else at the same time as me?

yes that possible, we are able to love all our children ! why ? becauas we feel in love and we chose to act with them in love .

Why does a woman like to hear some one say to her that They Love her?

It makes her feel good.

Would you date an older woman who is 3 years older?

If you really feel you love her, then there should be no boundaries for love. Why the hell not?

What do you have to say when a woman says she loves you?

You've got to either say I love you or sorry I don't love you. Really it depends on who the woman is, is it a friend, stranger, classmate or someone who admirers you? How do you feel about her?

How do you care for a woman you love?

You care for by trying to be with her every day at least.talking to her and making her feel good.

How do you make a woman feel better?

coming from a woman herself you give her her favorite candy a dozen dethorned roses and tell her you love her with everything you have

How does men know if they love a woman?

you feel a funny feeling in their stomach which may be butterflies and you may even feel your face heat up.

Who should say I love you first the man or the woman?

The Man since love is how do you feel about someone and how did you attracted, either man or woman can say first, remember what is desired by you and your heart i think you must try by all means to find it. if you are lady and feel that there is another man you love, for you heart sake you better say it...!

What to say to her?

You might say exactly what you think and feel when you are with her. A woman will love that you are honest about your feelings and that you are willing to share them.