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Hello there, from my best knwoledged, CV, Constant Velocity joints are nothing to do with disc rotor warp damages. The warp damages came from the overheated brake or *a very high heat temperature drop suddenly during braking. (*usually a sudden heavy rainning occur)

that is all i can help.

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It won't warb the rotors, but a torn outer CV boot can sometimes result in symptoms (e.g. wheel shuddering when braking) very similar to a warped rotor. When the CV boot is torn, axle grease is flung out all over the place, and if any of it gets on the rotor you can get a stick-slip action in the brakes that feels like a warped rotor. One way to tell the difference is to drive very slowly and gently apply the brakes. If you still feel the pulsation with the brakes only barely engaged, you have a warped rotor. If the pulsation doesn't appear until you reach higher speeds and/or brake harder, you should check the condition of your CV boots before immediately buying new rotors. As for curing it, you need to replace the boot, clean the rotor, and probably also change the brake pads.

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Q: Can a worn CV joint cause a front disc rotor to warp?
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The reason is most likely a problem of warpage in the front rotor disc and/or disc drum in the back. If your tires are out of roundness, it can also be the cause.

Front right rotor is grinding on disc brake mount on 2002 ford escape?

Replace rotor / cut rotor & replace brakes.

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The rotor is the disc in the disc brake system.

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The answer and dimensions are stamped in the stock brake rotor of your vehicle.

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Front rotors are warped and need to be replaced. Could be an out of round disc brake rotor

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when there is a visable rigde / lip on the edge of the disc (rotor) when there is a visable rigde / lip on the edge of the disc (rotor)

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Front right rotor is grinding on disc brake mount on 2002 ford escape?

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