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if you are talking about a 14 year old and a 19 year old being together. yes. can they have sex? no, or at least the answere is no in most parts of the world. check your local laws:-)

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Q: Can ages a 14-year-old and a 19-year-old have a relationship?
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give me a answer

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In what ways are the knights of the middle ages the ancient greek times?

You have two ages mixed up. Neither are related nor do they have any relationship with each other.

What was the system that ruled the relationship between lords and vassals?

The system that governed the relationship between lords and vassals during the Middle Ages was called feudalism.

Can a relationship work between a 45 year old man and a 25year old woman?

Yes, it can work. I was very much in love with a man at the same ages, but he had a heart attack and ended the relationship because of it. Realize that this would happen when the ages are that large. Another thought is that with that gap in ages as he gets older he may want to do less and retire.

Is it healthy having in a relationship especially in a student?

yes and no because kids arnt old enouph from ages 1-10 you shouldnt but ages 11 or older is probly ok

What is the best site for age relationship?

There is no specific age for dating.. but o would recomend ages 11+ .

On sims hot date can you have a baby?

yes! just make sure that their relationship bar is 100 and then make them passiontly kiss for ages!

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Is it good to have a relationship?

It depends on your age. Here's my ''dating age chart'':If you are 21 or older, you are all the way mature and old enough to have a full-on relationship. Your definition of a relationship is what it really is.If you are of the ages of 18-20, you are all set to have a relationship but still hold off a few things.If you are of the ages of 13-17, you can date, but hold off very strong stuff.If you are of the ages of 10-12, you can date, but don't go too far.If you are 9 or under, you are too young to date.At any age:If the relationship isn't a good one, then it's not good to have a relationship.If the relationship has a negative effect on your feeling; on your self esteem, on your life, then it's not good to have a relationship.If the relationship interferes with your principles, interferes with your goals, then it's not good to have a relationship.

What was the significance of the tritone interval during the middle ages?

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What is the relationship between feudalism and the crusades?

Feudalism was a system of government during the Middle Ages. And the Crusades is a medieval military expedition.

What is the appropriate age to have a relationship?

well it depends on what kind of relationship. If your looking for a relationship that's not serious then an appropriate age would be from 10-15. Then it would be considered puppy love. From the ages 16-18, it would be a little more serious but not very serious. Ages 19- 22, you can start getting seriouse and talking about marriage. And from 23 and up realationships start getting serious to a point were marriage is considered.

Did protestants believe that they can have a relationship with god in the middle ages?

Protestantism began with the Protestant Reformation, in 1517, according to most accounts, and this was after the Middle Ages ended. There were heterodox groups during the Middle Ages, but they were not, strictly speaking, Protestant. The groups that operated outside the Church had many different beliefs, some of which we might consider strange today. Most, possibly all, believed people could have a personal relationship with God.

What do you do if you really like someone that is a lot older than you?

Firsty how much older are they and what are their ages. plus does the older person feel the same way and is he or she in a relationship. He is 5 years older than me and not in a relationship, we always talk and are really close but i dont know whether we are in a relationship.

What did lords always have to be ready for in the middle ages?

As part of their relationship with the king, the lords always had to provide military support for him. They had to be ready for war.

How much time should a father get for visitation a week?

It depends on the father, his relationship with the children, his physical proximity to them, their ages, etc, etc.

Describe the relationship between medieval christian Europe and the Islamic empires of the middle ages what were the cultural impacts of the Muslims on Europe?

it was hard

Is Deepika Padukone keeping relationship with ranbir Kapoor?

No they two broke up ages ago. After ranbir kapoor deepika has been in relationship with siddharth malya. and now as it seems she is dating ranveer singh, but she has not admitted to it yet.

What is an appropriate age gap for being in a relationship?

Depends on the ages of the persons involved in the relationship. As you get older, the appropriate gap gets bigger. A 5 year gap would be inappropriate for a pair of teens. When you are 50- not so much.

What does the phrase ages and ages and ages mean?

Ages and ages and ages means a really long time.

Ages are 32 and 35 no kids and never married. Do a long distance relationship or move in together after 2 months?

No question ... long distance.

What best describes the relationship between kings and lords in the middle ages?

kings had higher rank but did not really have much power over lords.

Should youths be involved in a relationship?

Yes it's normal. The relationships also differ depending on their ages so it's not the same as with adults.

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