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Yes of course it can, our body absorbs anything and everything, whether it be external or internal. It wouldn't be like pouring it onto an open wound! but going into your mouth or stomach it would eventually get there. :o)


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none, the alcohol is metabolized in the liver where it is broken down and absorbed into the blood stream.

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Q: Can alcohol pass directly into the blood stream from the mouth or stomach?
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What two things enter the blood stream directly from the stomach?

Caffeine and alcohol enter directly from the stomach.

Why does alcohol absorb faster than food?

Alcohol is a liquid that is absorbed directly into the blood stream from the stomach. Food is absorbed through the intestines, but it must be broken down first. That is why alcohol is absorbed faster.

Can alcohol consumption on an empty stomach affect you?

Increase your chances of getting drunk or intoxicated. Although it wont alter your alcohol blood level your reaction to the alcohol will change.

Can alcohol go straight to the blood stream through your mouth or stomach?

Small amounts of alcohol can indeed pass directly into the bloodstream from the mouth or stomach. Most alcohol passes into the bloodstream through the liver though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alcohol is absorbed from the stomach and small intestine by diffusion. Most absorption occurs from the small intestine due to its large surface area and rich blood supply

If person drinks whiskey on an empty stomach what would their blood alcohol content be?

It depends on what quantity of whisky is drunk. Any alcohol on an empty stomach will quickly enter the blood stream. Food already in the stomach will slow down the rate of absorption.

Approximately percent of alcohol that is consumed by a percent is absorbed directly into the blood through the stomach?

The answer is a 20% (r!++3r

Can alcohol be digested?

Alcohol is not digested:- Alcohol is absorbed directly into the blood stream, about 30% through the stomach wall, and the rest from the small intestine. Human beings and their intestinal bacteria do not possess the necessary enzymes to break alcohol down. Alcohol therefore accumulates in the blood. Alcohol, once in the blood stream / body must be oxidized to get rid of it. Alcohol can only be oxidized in the liver, where enzymes are found to initiate the process. The first step in the metabolism of alcohol is the oxidation of ethanol to acetaldehyde which is catalyzed by alcohol/dehydrogenase containing the coenzyme NAD+. The acetaldehyde is then oxidized to acetic acid and finally to CO2 and water through the citric acid cycle. A number of the side effects from alcohol are directly linked to the production of an excess of both NADH and acetaldehyde.

Why is the stomach of a fetal pig no empty?

The mother sow provides all the nutrients needed by the fetus until birth. Directly into the blood stream.

How does alcohol enter your blood stream?

You drink it

Does a higher alcohol proof get absorbed faster into the blood stream?

Surprisingly, very high and very low alcohol concentrations in stomach contents are absorbed more slowly than moderate levels.

What affects how fast alcohol is absorbed into the body?

Alcohol is absorbed primarily in the intestines. Therefore, keeping alcohol in the stomach (by eating food) slows its release into the intestines and therefore, its absorption into the blood stream.

What is in alcohol that is harmful?

The alcohol because it gets into your blood stream and can flow to the brain.