Can alcohol solve depression

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Alcohol and Depression


Mentally speaking, alcohol (and other other substances) may, at best, only provide limited temporary relief from symptoms. If you're drunk you may be able to ignore to your other problems.

A person suffering from depression needs to get proper medical attention. If left untreated it can be extremely debilitating. Many people who are treated with simple anti-depressants experience a full recovery. Remember, it is not "all in your head." Brain chemistry is real.

Alcohol use by depressives, however, impairs already weakened cognitive function, exacerbates an already irrational state, reduces already greatly reduced impulse control, and gravely increases the risk of suicidiality.

Note that the fact that alcohol is classified as a Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant is irrelevant to it's effects on Depression as a psychiatric disorder. CNS depression refers to a slowing of the heart, lungs and nerve function in the case of alcohol through the function of the neurochemical GABA. Psychiatric Depression on the other hand is a neurochemical disorder of the Serotonin system, which is in no way linked to the action of GABA.

As such, it's use will not clinically worsen depression, though feelings of shame created while by actions undertaken while under the influence can cause temporary increase in symptoms. And hangovers are not conducive to a good mindset for the day following drinking.

While intoxicated, the risks are far greater, however; alcohol use compound poor decision making and significantly increase the risk of suicide and a person with severe depression and suicidal thoughts might actually comit suicide under the influence of alcohol which may never have occurred while sober.

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Q: Can alcohol solve depression
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