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I don't know whether Allergies could cause it, but rosacea can. It's aggravated by heat, hot liquids, spicy foods & (of course) STRESS! You need to see a dermatologist to find out what you have. Rosacea is treatable (but not curable). I have it & it just pops up from time to time.

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Q: Can allergies cause facial flushing and a warm sensation in the cheeks?
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When you smile with your cheeks does that have to do with your facial muscles?

Yes, it has to do with facial muscles

Why are alcoholics noses red?

On the skin, alcohol causes dilation of surface capillaries (tiny blood vessels), resulting in facial flushing and a pinkish-red hue to the cheeks. With chronic use of alcohol, the face and nose will sustain flushing and appear red.

Scientific terms for cheeks?

The word "buccal" refers to the facial cheeks.

A common side effect of niacin is?

Facial flushing/redness

What facial bone makes up the cheeks?

The zygomatic bone

Is smiling with your cheeks really all about using your facial muscles?


Sensory impulses transmitted over the facial glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves are involved in the sensation of?

The taste and touch sensation

What is a beard?

A beard is a clumping of facial hair on the cheeks, chin and jaw of a person.

What muscles are used for winkswhistles and smiles?

Facial muscles, lips, cheeks, throat

How do you get chubby cheeks with dimple by facial exercise?

You can get chubby cheeks by including weight gaining foods in your everyday diet... In my opinion, there aren't any facial exercise to get dimples... Hope that this information is useful... Take care

What are some exercises to make your face look younger?

Facial exercises can tone up facial muscles. Facial exercises are good for all. There are various exercises for different parts of your face such as your eyes, forehead, lips, and cheeks and so on. The following exercise is for the cheeks, keeping your lips closed, smile in a relaxed manner. Suck in your cheeks towards and on to your jaws. Hold this position for 10 counts, relax and repeat the exercise 10 times.

What kind of cosmetic imperfections can be corrected with facial implants?

Among them are: small chin, nose, cheeks and ears.

How do you diagnose a problem with the seventh cranial nerve?

The seventh cranial nerve or facial nerve controls voluntary facial movements (motor function) so you can check it through wrinkling the eyebrows or frowning, smiling or showing your teeth, puffing your cheeks, and moving your lips. Check for any abnormalities or asymmetry. Facial nerve has also sensory function as it receives taste sensation to anterior 2/3 of the tongue. This can be tested by swab with different taste and the patient will determine what it is.

Why does sildenafil cause facial flushing and blue green colour vision loss?

Facial Flushing:Activating C-GMP or rather increasing their levels by phosphodiester-5 inhibition causes decreases calcium influx into the smooth muscle of the vessel and thereby causing relaxation, resulting in vasodilatation and vessel engorgement. This causes increased tumescence of penis or erection. Facial flushing can be attributed to the same reason.Blue/Green Color Vison Loss:

How many cheeks did Jesus really turn cos Ive heard it wasn't all that many?

As people have only two facial cheeks it is left as an exercise for the student to calculate how many could be turned.

What can cause facial numbness and swelling of the cheeks eyes lips and throat for three days?

What causes your lips to swell and go numb

What does a blushing face look like?

Blushing is caused by a rush of blood to the cheeks and other facial areas. Visually, it looks a light redness or pinkness in the cheeks. Those with dark skin might not have it show. With makeup, blush is applied to the "apples" of your cheeks to give the appearance that one is blushing.

Is there a way to naturally get rid of facial redness?

Facial redness is called Rosacea and is a chronic, inflammatory skin disorder that affects an estimated 13 million Americans. It occurs in both sexes and may begin in the teenage years. The most common symptoms include facial redness across the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead, visibly damaged blood vessels (telangiectasia), and small red inflammatory papules. The condition develops gradually as mild episodes of facial blushing or flushing lead to a permanent red face. There is a new medical treatment that has been developed by Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. M.D. which uses pulsed light to treat it and has had considerable success.

How many nerves to make a smile?

All muscles of facial expression are supplied by seventh cranial nerve. That is Facial nerve. This nerve carries the taste sensation from anterior two third of the tongue also.

On Poptropica how do you get freckles just around the cheeks on Poptropica?

You can use the Costumizer to copy that facial feature from the "nerds", but in their case those are supposed to be "pimples". ;-)

Is the posterior third of tongue contain any receptor for taste sensation?

Behind the sulcus terminalis you do not have receptors for taste sensation. The taste sensations are carried to brain by a branch of facial nerve called as chorda tympani.

Why will all of a sudden a face have a bad reaction to alcohol?

Some people who lack the enzyme to break down the alcohol (alcohol dehydrogenase) get facial flushing when they drink.

What could cause facial swelling under the left eye and left cheek area?

Facial swelling under the eyes and cheeks can be caused by a mild to serious disorder. Swelling may even be caused by an allergic reaction from food to animal dander.

What is the best cosmetic facial filler?

I have tried the facial fillers of Heber Davis skin clinic in Australia (that is where I'm from) and I must say that they're quite good. I have these really hollow cheeks because of my work and so I decided to try out this treatment. It took me about 3 treatments to get the outcome that I wanted but it was all worth it. I've had for almost a year already and my cheeks are still full. Definitely the best based on my experience.

What cranial nerve is involved in toothache?

The cranial nerve that is involved in feeling a toothache is the trigeminal. It is the fifth cranial nerve and is responsible for facial sensation.