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Baby Sitter

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Q: Can an 11-year-old get a good job?
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Is 13.6 a good time for an 11yearold boy on 100m?

That is exceptional, your the next Usain Bolt!

Would it be wrong if a 11yearold boy daing a 12 year old girl?


How do you say good job fox in spanish?

Do you mean: 'Good job-fox', 'Good-job, fox', or 'Good job, fox'

What is the best Christmas message to a secretary?

good job, good job, good job

Is it a good job or a well job?

Good job ...or you can say job well done...

Do you have to have a collage degree to get a good job?

yes becuase to have a really good job you have to have a great job or a degree to have a good job

Why the cell is good at its job?

You have your choice of answers. The cell is good at its job because it was designed by God to be good at its job, or because it evolved to be good at its job.

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As long as you are passionate about what you do, any job is a good job.

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yes is a good job

Is good job a interjection?

no it would be Good Job!!

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so if you dont know if you have a good job talk it out with your friend that you know has a good job.

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It can be a good job and it pays well. But it also depends on if you have the experience and if you can do a good job helping people. Good luck!

What is 'good job' in spanish?

good job = buen trabajo

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So you can get a good job when you get older. So you can get a good job when you get older.

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It all depends on how good you are at the job...

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its good at its job because it has a jelly thing

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"Good job" is "buen trabajo".

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Depends on what you mean ''good job'' if you ment like You have a good job,thats : Ti imas dobar posao,or if you ment like Oh dude you did a good job with that-then its : dobro odrađeno :)

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At an interview you show good leadership' in a job at the beginning of the job interview.

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Ultrasound technician job is a very good job especially if it is your passion to have that job and if you met all the requirements and qualifications for that kind of job.

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If you are a fresher..... it's a good job.

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By you putting your hard work and you no you did a good job

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A good candidate for a job is one who fits the "job specification".

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yes ofcourse it is a good job

Is being a carpenter a good job?

Yes, being a carpenter is a good job.

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