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They can decide, but it's not going to be left to them to have the final say in it.

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Q: Can an 12 year old decide wich parent they want to live with?
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When can you choose which parent you want to live with?

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Can a twelve year old choose which parent they want to live with?

By 12 years old the courts usually listen very carefully to what the youth wishes to do. They believe that the child has the right to decide. Calgary,Alberta But in Calgary a twelve year old has a large amount of disicion but the coart has some opinion on wich parent is right to live with.

How old does a child have to be in Ontario Canada to decide which parent they want to live with?

my parents have been divorced sinse I was 8 and my younger sibling 6. When I was 11ish and my sibling was 9 my mother and father started asking us wich parent to live with... As long as your parents agree, you should be able to live with whoever you choose. If your parents fight this, than at 12 I am pretty sure you can stand before a judge and say who you want to live with and why. As long as you have good reasoning than I see no reason why a judge would deny you the privledge of deciding who to live with.As long as you are a minor the parents decide who you shall live with. You can have requests but the final decision is theirs. If they can not decide it will be the judge.

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