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Yes light can be harmful but only if you are looking at it for a long time otherwise it wouldn't do much damage to yourself.

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What do you think my bedroom will be better with 3 red walls and 1 black OR 3 black walls and 1 red btw the floor will be black parquet and the color of the furniture?

It really depends on your primary color is. Do you want a black bedroom or a red bedroom? In my opinion, black is a better base color, so I would do 3 black walls and one red accent wall. See the related link below, it should give you an idea of how a bedroom with black walls looks:

Is black salt harmful?


Which website sells the cheapest black bedroom furniture?

The easiest and cheapest place to find black bedroom furniture is Ikea. They have various sets that come in black and have an excellent return policy should you not be happy.

Are black and white striped fish in the ocean harmful?

Are black and white fish in the ocean harmful? Such as the scissortail sergeant fish!

Is black pepper harmful to dogs?

There is no indication that black pepper is harmful to dogs. However, you should still avoid giving it them. There is nothing in black pepper that the dog needs.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Bedroom - 2013?

The cast of The Bedroom - 2013 includes: Altorro Prince Black as William Hughes

The black codes placed restrictions on black people?


Is black bra is harmful?

Black bras are no more harmful than other color bra. Make sure your bra is the right size and is cleaned regularly, and you will be safe from your black bra.

Are black beetle bites harmful?


What is a harmful female spider?

A Black Widow.

Is black salt harmful during pregnancy?


Do black mambas eat harmful insects?

They do not

How do you get black breasts?

You can't. I've captured them all and hoard them in my bedroom.

Can black mold on rotten boiled potatoes stored at room temperature for three weeks be harmful?

Absolutely, black mold is harmful, throw it away.

What are the tiny black bugs in your bedroom?

Tiny black bugs in the bedroom are most likely bird mites. It is advisable to look around the exterior of your home, eaves, soffits, attic etc for bird nests.

Which side the Black stone placed on Kaaba?

it is placed in outer side of kaaba

Is black and white mold on a salsa lid harmful?

Yes it would be harmful. Just throw it away.

What colour shall you paint your bedroom?

You should have pink and black floral wallpaper

Is a black lizard with yellow stripes down its back poisonous?

yes it was in my bedroom

What color goes good with blue and black for a bedroom?

violets and purples, magenta.

Are black lights harmful to the human eye?


Is it harmful for black people to tan in a tanning bed?


What is the prefix of harm?

Black magic

Small black worms in bedroom where does it come from?

This could be a carpet beetle larvae or could be millipedes if your bedroom is on the ground level or basement as millipedes are attracted to moisture.

Is the black widow beneficial or harmful?

A black widow is not harmful to the evironment but can be very harmful if it bites someone. Any person who gets bitten will go into cardiac arrest and possibly die or death will occur without medical action immediately after.

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