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I belive that some varients of HPV (Genital warts) can affect pap smears and are linked to cervical/anal cancer rates. Up to 1/10 pap smears have an abnormal result, most of them are nothing to worry about though. Just follow the advice of your doc. If you think you have genital warts it is important to get them treated at your local STD clinicregardless of pap smear results as in time they could cause problems.

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Q: Can an STD affect a pap smear?
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Can a pap smear stop you from conceiving?

A pap smear does not affect your fertility. You are as likely to get pregnant after a pap smear as you are before a pap smear.

Can NuvaRing affect pap smear results?

NuvaRing does not affect Pap smear result. The Pap smear can be done with NuvaRing inserted.

Can lubricants affect a pap smear test?

Yes, lubricants can affect a pap smear.

Does having a pap smear affect when your period starts?

No, a pap smear will not affect the timing of your period.

Can a pap smear affect pregnancy?

A pap smear is a normal part of prental care. It does not affect pregnancy.

Can a pap smear change your menstrual date?

A pap smear will not affect your menstrual cycle.

Can a pap smear be done while you are menstruating?

Light bleeding will not affect a pap smear. Heavier bleeding will interfere with pap smear results.

Can vaginal cream affect a PAP smear?

Yes, vaginal cream can affect the pap smear. Avoid using vaginal creams or douche for 24 hours before your pap smear.

Can an STD cause an abnormal pap smear?

Yes abnormal smear results can be due to an STI.

Do fibroids affect pap smear results?

it is test about cancer made relation but no problem

Can you only tell if you have an STD with a pap smear?

A pap smear looks for abnormal cells on the cervix. It is not meant to detect STDs. You can get tested for STDs without having a pap smear. Contact your health care provider, department of health, or local family planning agency for information on STD testing.

Is it easy to get pregnant when you have an abnormal pap smear?

Abnormal pap smear results do not affect your ability to get pregnant.

Is it advisable do a pap smear after miscarriage?

Pap smear and miscarriage are not related. A woman who has miscarried should have a pap smear if she is due for this test. Miscarriage does not affect the recommended timing.

If your pregnant and not know it and then you go get a pap smear will it mess up the baby?

A pap smear will not affect the baby at all.

How many percent that a woman can get pregnant after a pap smear?

Pap smears do not affect fertility. The same chance of pregnancy exists before or after a pap smear.

Can a urinary tract infection affect the results of a pap smear?

absolutely not, it has nothing to do with pap smear, there may be infection in your bladder

Is sharp pain during a pap smear a sign of an STD?

Pain during a pap smear is not associated with STDs. If you have pain during collection of the pap, it may mean only that your cervix was relatively closed that day.

Wen havin a smear test do they test for STD's?

No, a smear test is purely for the testing of cervical cells for abnormalities as early detection of cervical cancer. If you require STD screening you can ask your healthcare provider to test for these at the same time as the PAP smear to save time.

Can a pap smear cause a false pregnancy test?

A pap does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

Does being on your period affect pap smear?

Heavy bleeding can interfere with the ability to get a result on a pap smear. Light spotting usually won't interfere.

Is pap normal with ovarian cancer?

A pap smear will not detect ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer won't affect whether a pap smear is normal or abnormal -- it could be either one.

Can herpes affect a pap smear?

An outbreak of herpes on the cervix at the time of the pap smear could cause a pap with inflammation as well as direct diagnosis of herpes. A herpes outbreak elsewhere is not likely to cause an abnormal pap.

How do you do a pap smear at home?

You don't do a pap smear at home.

Why is bimanual pelvic exam performed after pap smear?

Typically, lubricant is used during the bimanual exam. In addition, the face of the cervix is touched with the finger during the bimanual exam. Both of these can affect the accuracy of the pap smear, so the pap is done first.

What medications interferes with a accurate pap smear test results?

Vaginal medications may affect accurate pap smear test results. Other medications do not.